21 days of contrasting Costa Rica

individual tour through Costa Rica. The highlights and many insider tips in Costa Rica combined in one tour - adventure & nature, experience & beach
Reise und Erlebnis in Costa Rica
  • Number of students: ab 1
  • Course Duration: 21 Tage
  • Level: Natur, Abenteuer, Action
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Tour of contrasting Costa Rica

the best price-performance ratio

For individualists who want to experience the very special Costa Rica! 21 days

We recommend this balanced partial rental car tour in this or slightly modified form to all those nature-loving visitors who want to combine absolute highlights, white spots, authentic insider tips with a well-thought-out itinerary, comfort, adventure and culinary delights.
You sometimes travel in a group, sometimes in a rental car or, if you wish, with private transfers without a companion. Since there are usually only short journeys between the very different destinations, the journey is relaxing and there is plenty of time to experience nature, culture and adventure.


Day 1: Welcome to Costa Rica! (-, -, -)

Arrive at San José airport, where our driver will be waiting for you. A warm welcome awaits you in the beautiful Posada Nena in Santa Ana, the perfect place to relax in the garden after the long journey. In the evening you can get to know the first Costa Rican (or international - the gastronomy in Santa Ana is very diverse) specialties over a delicious dinner in the Posada or in town.
Overnight stay in a superior room in Posada Nena

Day 2: Exploring the Cerros de Escazu or San José nature reserve (B, -, -)

Many years of experience have shown that the first day should be used for acclimatization, for exchanging money and for short excursions on your own. Only if you arrive very early the day before should the program be moved forward one day. After a detailed breakfast, hiking on your own into the nearby “Cerros de Escazú” protected area is a good option. Alternatively, you can visit the capital by bus. San José is much more interesting as a city than its reputation.

Overnight stay at Posada Nena

Day 3: View into one of the largest volcanic craters in the world (B, L, -)

Early in the morning we set off to one of the main attractions in the Central Valley. The Poás volcano is 2708 m high and has one of the largest volcanic craters in the world. A visit to the park in the morning is particularly impressive. This is when you are most likely to be able to take a look into the huge crater. The volcano erupted in April 2017, was closed to visitors for a long time and has been open to visitors again since the end of 2018. However, with strict security measures and the associated restrictions for visitors. For example, you are only allowed to be at the volcano crater in a group with a guide, time is limited and tickets must be purchased in advance.

Things get exciting when the Poás volcano spews sulphurous mud and steaming water into the air; measuring devices provide information about the current air quality. The path to the main crater leads through bizarre stunted forest, which is created by the acidic air and the cold, to the lava fields, which are vaguely reminiscent of the surface of the moon. If you are attentive, you can observe some rare bird species in the national park.

Another attraction on this day is the Doka coffee hacienda, where you will be introduced to all the secrets of black gold. An ideal place to experience the wonders of nature in the tropics. The tour is combined with a visit to the famous waterfalls of La Paz, surrounded by fascinating fauna and flora. There you can visit a butterfly farm, a Ranario (frog zoo), an Avario (bird house) with many species of hummingbirds and wild enclosures where you can see various species of wild cats and monkeys, among other things. The excellent lunch buffet is also served here.
Overnight stay in a super room in the Posada Nena

Day 4, NP Tortuguero (B, L, D)

The flora and fauna of Tortuguero National Park is unique in the world.

The tour starts early in the morning in Santa Ana and goes through the Braullio Carillo National Park. The first-class guide explains a lot about the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. At the pier you then change from the bus to the boat (lancha). This trip is a tour in itself, as you will be able to observe many wild animals along the way. Arrived at the lodge and after extensive refreshment, the first tour in the rainforest begins. A tour through the rainforest near the lodge, where many exotic plants and animals are explained. It is a visit to the town of Tortuguero: a place where the taxis are bicycles with trailers - the gateway to the national park.
Overnight stay in the Mawamba Lodge (or comparable) including full board and 1 tour

Day 5, NP Tortuguero (B, L, D)

This one has an inclusive tour and a few extras. An interesting hike in the rainforest, about 1 hour with detailed explanations about the tropical rainforest and its inhabitants and the boat trip through the canals of the national park, where you can experience the impressive wildlife in the first row.
Overnight stay in the Mawamba Lodge (or comparable), including full board and 1 tour ($17 entrance fee to the NP is extra)

Day 6 - 9, NP Tortuguero - South Caribbean (B, -, -)

After breakfast you will leave the dream lodge in the national park by boat. There is a delicious lunch at Guápiles, after which you will be picked up from the restaurant by a minibus (in a group) and taken directly to our Posada Nena in the Caribbean. Here in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca you can expect a wonderful room in a quiet location in a tropical garden, nice people, delicious cocktails and lots of opportunities to do something. Bicycles, snorkel masks, a cool box and beach chairs are included for our guests - so you can expect pure relaxation and experience. Opportunities for tours and excursions are endless on one of the dream beaches on your doorstep: horse riding, rafting, BriBri, cocoa tours, kayaking, sea kayaking, canoeing and much more.

The handover of the rental car (not included in the package price) takes place on day 8 in the afternoon in our Posada Nena in Puerto Viejo.

Day 9, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca a Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, continue to San Miguel (B, L, D)

A beautiful drive through the wide, green areas of the Caribbean basin leads to the Rio Sarapiquí and on to San Miguel. The first 4*4 route for self-drive starts here to the remote Albergue el Socorro on the edge of the Braulio Carrillo National Park - a fantastic location and not only interesting for ornithologists. Individually guided tours take place in untouched nature. Due to the connection with natural corridors with the Braulio Carrillo National Park, many animals can be expected: monkeys, armadillos, pakas as well as birds, amphibians and many other species. Recently a tapir was even spotted and photographed in the lodge, jaguar tracks can be seen.
Overnight stay in Albergue el Socorro with excellent full board and tours included

Day 10: Pure jungle! (F, M, A)

There is so much to do and see here. Further tours will be started in consultation with José and his family (his wife Isabel cooks excellently, it's unbelievable how good it can taste). Exciting hikes, if you wish, a ride on your own horses, bird watching and participation in the life of a warm Costa Rican family. If you want, you can help milk the cows. You can't get happier and fresher breakfast eggs anywhere.
Overnight stay at Albergue el Socorro

Day 11: Arenal Volcano (B, -, -)

We continue to the next destination: the most famous volcano in Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano near La Fortuna de San Carlos. The route is beautiful.
Arenal Volcano has been active since 1968 and is considered one of the 10 most popular volcanoes in the world. You can reach the national park (optional) through private access and reach the lava fields of the volcano. You can observe the impressive spectacle from a safe distance: here you can understand the primal power of a volcano. Many hot springs invite you to swim.
Overnight stay at Hotel las Colinas

Day 12: Active Volcano Arenal, (B, -, -)

In the morning there is a quiet river cruise to observe wildlife on the Rio Peñas Blancas in a rubber raft. Rafting without rapids - the tour is exclusively for nature observation. The Rio Peñas Blancas is fed by several streams from the cloud forest near Monteverde and runs through lush rainforest. Many animals such as crocodiles, caimans, sloths, turtles, lizards, birds and monkeys live in this area - it is absolutely impressive. At a stop at a finca in the jungle, development stopped over 70 years ago - here you can have refreshment.
Overnight stay at Hotel las Colinas

Day 13: On the trail of the mystery of the Río Celeste (B, -, -)

Just a short distance further, over bumpy slopes, is the “Tenorio Volcano” national park. This long-extinct volcano is surrounded by dense vegetation. The "Rio Celeste" - the sky-blue river - is a unique phenomenon in the world.

The water of the river is colored sky blue. In order to get to the bottom of the cause, a somewhat arduous jungle hike is necessary. You pass the blue waterfalls of the Río Celeste and a natural “bathtub”. Hot springs that flow into the river invite you to take a relaxing bath.

After another short walk over a bumpy path, you find the solution. At the confluence of two small mountain streams, the water mixes and turns sky blue. This is a chemical reaction of four different minerals of volcanic origin, including sulfur and calcium. However, the theory of the Maleku Indians living in the mountains is much more satisfactory: After God painted the sky, he rinsed the brushes in the Rio Celeste.
Overnight stay at Posada Rural Rio Celeste

Day 14: Costa Rica's tropical cuisine (B, L, -)

We head to the next lodge via gravel roads. Wild nature, waterfalls and the immediate proximity to the volcanoes Miravalles and Rincón de la Vieja make the location of this accommodation a real experience.

Have you already learned to love Costa Rican cuisine? Then today's program item is certainly particularly interesting. The secrets of Costa Rican cuisine are revealed during a short cooking class with a local family. The freshly prepared dishes make your mouth water.
Overnight stay in a bungalow in Finca la Anita

Day 15: Rincón de la Vieja - The bubbling witch's kitchen (B, -, -)

You would think: seen enough volcanoes. But - each of the volcanoes we have seen so far is completely different and proves the diversity of nature. The Rincón de la Vieja National Park on the volcano of the same name is extremely impressive with its nine craters. Only one vent, the Rincón de la Vieja itself, is still active. Smoking chimneys and mini craters are a reminder that Costa Rica lies in a very geologically active zone. Here, nature has created a witch's kitchen of bubbling mini-volcanoes and steaming holes in the earth, which you can explore on a hike.
Overnight stay in a bungalow in Finca la Anita

Day 16: and even more adventure (B, -, -)

Once again we go into the green jungle - once again you experience a completely new face of the wilderness. The journey takes you far north to Sonzapote, near la Cruz. The dark green rainforest of northern Guanacaste offers its own exciting flora. In the German-speaking accommodation and farm Finca Cañas Castillas, guests have access to extensive hiking trails, which, after thorough instruction, can be walked on your own and at your own pace.
Overnight stay at Finca Cañas Castillas


Day 17: On the road in Guanacaste (B, -, -)

On this day there are numerous opportunities to explore the surrounding area of la Cruz on your own. The Mirador in La Cruz offers fantastic views of Bahia Salinas and the bird island of Bolaños, where brown pelicans and frigate birds nest. The nearby and mostly deserted beaches of La Rajada or El Jobo can be reached quickly. You have the opportunity to go diving, snorkeling or fishing. Or you can go exploring in the forest near the lodge.
Overnight stay at Finca Cañas Castillas

Day 18: off to the beach.... Samara (B, -, -)

Finally we head towards the beach. After the past few days full of rainforest and dense greenery, the eye longs for the azure sea. The wish will come true! We move into our hotel in the small town of Samara.
Overnight stay at Samara Palm Lodge

19+ Day 20: Pure relaxation on the Pacific! (F, -, -)

These last days can be spent as you wish. Relaxing on the beautiful sandy beach, turtle tours, horseback riding on the beach or much more is offered by the friendly lodge. Here you can reflect on the past few days in peace.
Overnight stay at Samara Palm Lodge

Day 21: Goodbye Costa Rica! (F, -, -)

Return to the airport, hand over the rental car and say goodbye.

We would be happy to help you organize an extension program.

Any change or adjustment is possible individually. The route presented here is tried and tested. The costs for the rental car are added, we are happy to take care of the rental.

21 Tage kontrastreiches Costa Rica

Abholung am Flughafen 3 Übernachtungen im Superior- Zimmer in Posada Nena  geführte Tour zum Vulkan Poás, Doka Kaffee und den la Paz Wasserfällen.
Transfer nach Tortuguero 2 Übernachtungen in Mawamba Lodge, inkl. 1 Tour, Transfer in die Südkaribik, 3 * Posada Nena Karibik De Luxe room mit F.
Übernahme vom Mietwagen in Posada Nen, Karibik und Fahrt nach el Socorro. 2 * Unterkunft in Hotel las Colinas Halbtagestour Rio Peñas blancas. Chachagua Urwaldlodge, Rio Celeste, Finca la Anita Kochkurs a la Anita, Finca Cañas Castillas
Finca la Anita Kochkurs a la Anita, Finca Cañas Castillas, Samara
  • Incl. allen beschriebenen Leistungen und Mahlzeiten
  • Mietwagen extra
  • die Reise ist zu jeder Jahreszeit attraktiv und durchführbar
  • auf Wunsch beliebig anzupassen, da Individuell

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