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safety in VenezuelaCaution!

Plan your trip to Venezuela

Venezuela does not belong to the easy and safe countries to travel around the world, nevertheless a well-planned trip to Venezuela is quite safe. However, it should be known certain rules of common sense as a tourist.

Transfers in VenezuelaTransfers & private Transportation in Venezuela

How to find a serious & responsible Transfer in Venezuela?

It's not so easy to obtain a secure and responsible Transfer in Venezuela

This is due to the heavy delays in public transportation. If you come in by plane to any airport in the country, a delay is something very usual. We provide a pick- up service, who will wait for you, doesn't matter the time you come in.

Visa to travel VenezuelaEntry and Visa to Venezuela

Who needs a Visa to travel to Venezuela?

To travel to Venezuela, the German, Austrian and Swiss citizens need a passport that is valid at least six months after landing. When entering by air, the foreigners receive a tourist card on the airplane or in the destination airport, with the right to stay for a period of up to ninety (90) days, and you will have to submit the entering or leaving date, together with the passport. Recently US- american citizens need to buy a Visa to enter Venezuela.

travel to VenezuelaFlights to Venezuela

Venezuela is usually reached by plane

Then you will land at the international airport in Maiquetia (Caracas). The airport "Simon Bolivar" Maiquetia is located 28 km north of Caracas by the sea. There are many ways to book international flights- we are also happy to assist you searching for a good quote. Please fill out the form below to ask for an international flight, or a short mail to info (at) alautentico.com. We will contact you immediately and without obligation with attractive offers.

Geld in VenezuelaExchange Rates & Co

The topic of money and exchange rates is a complex issue in Venezuela.

There has been for several years, a change control in Venezuela, in a fixed exchange rate to the U.S. Dollar. In January 2015, a number of different courses have been introduced. For tourists is the exchange rate of 1 to 20 (more or less) for U.S. Dollars.

Kinder und Kanufamily vacations in Venezuela

To travel with kids is always very exiting and a great experience.

Venezuela is an adventures destination, with a lot of activities for kids and parents. Flying in from Europe to Venezuela is a very long trip - more or less 12 to 14 hours- depending where you come from.

Phone in VenezuelaPhone and Internet

Internet Access in Venezuela

The modern era has also arrived to Venezuela. Internet access, if often still slow, you can get it by your mobile, or at hotspots. In many hotels and posadas you have Internet access, often even wireless.

hospitals VenezuelaHealth in Venezuela

The fulfillment of a private travel insurance is strongly recommended

By using a private clinic you have to pay in advance, it is recommended to use a credit card. Attendance at a private clinic in case of illness is always the right solution. In remote places, possibly, you have to be satisfied with the hospital.

Transport in VenezuelaTransport in Venezuela

Once in Venezuela there are several transport options

Long distance puts you back to the bus or plane. The long distance buses are often comfortable, but mostly supercooled (thus necessarily dress warmly), often one can not open curtains or window, and they also show a thriller of the last bus hijacking.

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