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first day

Camp in delta orinoco

Day 1: It starts right away...
Enjoy with alautentico the impressions of the lively, tropical jungle, separated by hundred of snake-like rivers, and branches that make the Orinoco delta an intriguing wetland experience.

A highlight of the tour is the accommodation in our authentic, small, and lovely camp. From the camp, located at an unknown branch of the Caño Buja, you will have a fantastic view of the unspoiled nature, and dolphins and seals playing in the delta.

When the rising sun touches the calm waters of the jungle, it wakes up a noisy life. The red sun climbs over the horizon, and the colors of the forest are stronger and stronger. A colorful cloud of birds frightens by the screech of a howler from the waterfront trees. The veil lies in the distance distance down to the green variety, while the boat drifts quietly with the flow.

After arrival, we organize the coast or inland, the tour starts early in the morning. By motorized canoe, you have a very unusual view of the dark green forest of the delta.

During the night, another trip is done, where you see the nocturnal inhabitants of this wetland.

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