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Fact File: Venezuela

Area: 916.050 km²
Population: 29.423 Millions
Population density: 29,7 Inhabitants/ km²
Distribution: 88 % in cities and 12 % in rural areas
Government: Presidential Federal Republic
Capital City: Caracas
Other important cities: Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Mérida, Valencia, Maracay, Punto fijo, Puerto la Cruz, Barcelona, Cumaná, Carúpano, Maturin, Ciudad Bolivar, Puerto Ordaz



gratis Video von VenezuelaOur Venezuela Video

In meticulous work we have produced an exclusive Video about Venezuela

To the visitors of alautentico we give them the 55 minutes of film in high quality for free, so that you can be really good  prepared for the holidays in Venezuela, a country that is as fascintating as an entire continent – and it diserves its reputation.

Flora und Fauna in VenezuelaSee Flora and Fauna in Venezuela

Venezuela is the home of a very wide variety of plants and animals and offers one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.

The evolucion of animals and plants in Venezuela is the result of two main factors.The diversity of the landscape, which allowed that many unique species developed, as well as the geographical history of the continent.

climate VenezuelaClimate chart & rain information

The entire territory of Venezuela is climatically in the tropics

This means that the temperature is at an annual average of about 25 ° C throughout the year, and is subject to only minor fluctuations. Venezuela's capital, Caracas, has an annual average of 22 ° C with a gap of only 4 ° C. The temperature decreases with altitude, of course, and in the mountainous regions of the Andes, it can - especially at night - be very cold. At higher altitudes, even snows.

Reisen durch Venezuelatravel the fascinating Nature

Venezuela- the secret paradise

Venezuela is home to a rich variety of plants and animals, and one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. The development of the animal and plant world is the result of two components: the diversity of the landscape, which has meant that many unique species have developed, and the geographical history of the continent.


Geography from VenezuelaVenezuelean Geography & mountain ranges

Venezuela lies on the northern coast of South America, and has an area of 916,445 km ².

It is bordered on the south by Brazil, to the west of Colombia, and to the southeast by Guyana. The northern boundary is formed by the Caribbean Sea, the northeast through the Atlantic. The proportion of the Caribbean islands is 1,270 km ². The coastline is not less than 2,800 km. The highest elevation is the "Pico Bolívar" with 5007 m, the longest river is the "Río Orinoco" with 2140 km.

people in VenezuelaPeople in Venezuela

Venezuela is a true "melting pot" of ethnic structures

The vast variety of skin colors, here goes from pale white to dark black. More than 2/3 of the population is mestizo or mulatto, so-called races. The white population is only 21%, the black only 9%.  The absolute minority belongs to the indigenous natives. They are still living mostly far away from civilization, often in less accessible areas of the Amazon.

Politik in VenezuelaHistory and Politics

The first traces of settlement in the geographical space of Venezuela go back to 15 000 a.c..

The Orinoco basin and the Lake Maracaibo are the first documented habitats.  The official "discovery of South America" is granted to Columbus, who in 1498 came through the Orinoco Delta. In the 16th Century emerged already colonial cities like Caracas and Cumana, and in the 17th century the plantation economy was introduced.


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