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Venezuela - the best kept secret in the Caribbean

travel VenezuelaTwenty years ago this was the slogan from the Tourism Authority of Venezuel

And still it is true today

Rainforests, the maze of the Orinoco Delta, the wildlife paradise of the Llanos, 5000 meter glaciers in the Andes, The “Angel Falls”, the highest waterfall in the earth, the world of the tepuis, and, and, and... not to mention the 2500 km of beautiful sandy beaches on the Caribbean coast. All this can be found in Venezuela.

Venezuela is a unique destination for the nature enthusiastic travelers, with a stunningly diversity of landscapes.

We, from “alautentico”, assist the individual traveler on his journey to Venezuela. With over 20 years of experience in Venezuela, we know every corner of the country and take care of all aspects of the trip: we are happy to book hotels for you, flights, airport transfers, and tours, and help you in an ideal preparation for the perfect holiday in South America, so that the journey becomes a unique experience.

Here you will find many, many current information about Venezuela. Of course, there is the possibility any time to get in touch personally. 

We produced a beautiful film about Venezuela on DVD. The film shows 55 minutes of all the highlights of a trip to Venezuela. An unprecedented adventure, the pictures in 16:9 format will impress you by its beauty and authenticity. The video is available for free to all our customers and readers- please complete this form in order to get it.

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the actual situation in Venezuela

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They talk a lot about Venezuela. Not only good things. Since 2016 Venezuela lives a deep crisis, in 2017 it got much worse: political, economical and emotional. And this will not be resolved until tomorrow. Anyway, Venezuela is worth travel to, if you keep some rules in mind.

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We will send a secure car with a very responsible driver to pick- you up at Caracas international Airport and bring you to your Hotel. As well, we can book a Hotel for you- if you need one. Our drivers are English- spoken and very responsible. 

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