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safety in VenezuelaCaution!

Plan your trip to Venezuela

Venezuela does not belong to the easy and safe countries to travel around the world, nevertheless a well-planned trip to Venezuela is quite safe. However, it should be known certain rules of common sense as a tourist.

A common example are those guests who freshly arrived to the Airport of Maiquetía (Caracas), and use a pirate taxi. This can end up in a bad experience, such as paying a higher fare, or it could lead to an armed robbery.

To avoid this, and similar experiences, you should plan your trip in advance, and do not improvise too much. A good solution would be to continue the journey by plane that same afternoon. You can catch a flight the night of arrival to Cumaná, Puerto Ordaz or Porlamar.

unterwegs in VenezuelaYou should also think about your behavior and appearance when visiting this country. Of course, it is not recommended to take the camera and wallet while walking through some dark alley. Try not to show that you have more money than your hosts, but nevertheless, the appearance is very important. In the event of a serious situation, try not to get carried away by the stupidity, your life is more important than anything material. It is always good to carry a small (but not too little) amount of money in your pocket.

So, sure of your appearance, try to be careful (do not invite any stranger to your house), try to avoid some areas in certain time, caution and courtesy to the police and other security forces (Guardia Nacional, etc.); the use of drugs or illegal money transactions is forbidden, and always use the common sense.


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