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Transport in VenezuelaTransport in Venezuela

Once in Venezuela there are several transport options

Long distance puts you back to the bus or plane. The long distance buses are often comfortable, but mostly supercooled (thus necessarily dress warmly), often one can not open curtains or window, and they also show a thriller of the last bus hijacking.

For relatively short travel distances, the buses often need quite a long journey times, as the roads are usually not in perfect conditions, and quite a lot, long pauses are made. Despite everything, the bus is often the best way to get from A to B.

in VenezuelaReservations for buses can be made a day or two beforehand with some providers on site. Other buses accept absolutely no reservations, the first one to come manages to get a seat. Standing room tickets are not sold on overland routes. We are also happy to assist you with buses reservations, wherever it goes.

As an alternative to the buses there is the widespread taxis, the "por puestos", that are suitable for medium distances. You must get in, wait until all the places are occupied, and give your stop request with a simple knock on the thin roof of the known taxi. It works!

Domestic flights are in Venezuela become quite reliable, tough competition drives the airlines punctuality, and a pretty good service. That does not mean that you get some food served, but you will be treated really friendly in the check-in, and the reservations work quite well. There are still a few black sheep among the airlines, but most have adapted to modern times. Flying is in Venezuela a convenient, fast mode of transport, which is also not very expensive. In our regional chapters on the central littoral can be found: important telephone numbers, more information on the International Airport of Caracas, and other tips. 

Car & Rental Car

For individual exploration of the country, there are car rental companies at the larger international Venezuelan airports. The European driving license and a credit card are required, the completion of a comprehensive insurance is strongly recommended. Please, do not expect a rental car according to European standards! Therefore, it is recommended before the take over to check the car jack, spare tire, etc., and use the included anti-theft devices.

The Venezuelan road network is O.K. for South American conditions. Nevertheless, there are, for example, barely paved roads at south of the Orinoco. Therefore, you should fill up at any gas station that you drive by. Gasoline prices are about 1 euro per filling - no kidding. In order to compensate for the relatively high rents.


For your own safety, you should only enter into the official taxis with the corresponding roof attachment. And also in those that agree the package price in advance - otherwise the cost of travel quickly increases.

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