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Phone in VenezuelaPhone and Internet

Internet Access in Venezuela

The modern era has also arrived to Venezuela. Internet access, if often still slow, you can get it by your mobile, or at hotspots. In many hotels and posadas you have Internet access, often even wireless.

Post offices

Who has to make really important communications should do so via the Internet. Only those who do great emphasis on the "postcard from vacation" sets, and are not bothered (because this is also like 6 weeks on the road), can invest the 3 VEB, the cost of sending a postcard.


Public phone booths are rare, and when you use one, it is only with appropriate phone cards. For an international call, you need a credit of at least 20 VEB. Please note - not all phones are suitable for international calls. Very often you may find communication centers, or people on the street, that rent phones.

Code for international calls: 0058
All area codes are 4 – digit, Numbers 7 – digit. The area code for the Caracas metropolitan area is as the 0212.
Mobile networks have the following prefixes: 0414 + 0424 (Movistar), 0416 + 0426 (Movilnet), 0417 (Digitel).

Mobile telephone

Phones from Europe connect inmidiately in Venezuela, and they can be used. But this usually involves very high roaming costs. At the international terminal in Maiquetia, you can buy a SIM card at Digitel, which is then used for all calls at local rates available. Highly recommended for those who want to make calls frequently or want to be called.

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