buses in Costa RicaTravelling by bus in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, there is a very good public transport network. This consists primarily of buses and minibuses, the majority of the places is connected with each other. There are also  large and modern intercity buses , which are made for longterm travels.

At horariodebuses.com you can get a very accurate overview of buses, departure times, travel time and routes. They try to do their best to keep the site updated, but there is no 100% guarantee, that everything runs on time. Some customers have now reported that the schedules are deviated, but this is not very surprising for everyone, who knows Costa Rica quite well.

train in Costa Rica

If you are travelling on  short directions and regional services, the buses will be quite older and smaller. The journey time is longer, because they can stop at several places.

The best recommendation have the interbuses in Costa Rica. They will pick you up at a fixed time at the hotel and will take you to your next destination.


There is no train service for long-distance rides in Costa Rica. The railway from central valley to Puerto Limón is out of service, but there is a train through the western suburbs of San José.

In addition, also as a turistic attraction there is the Tico Train. Here you can feel the historic Costa Rica. Based off german railway wagons of the forties, you'll have spectacular views of green fields, small villages, and varied landscapes.

School Transport

In addition to the public transport system, there are still a lot of school buses and school transportation (see table at right), that take care of the students of Costa Rica. As a tourist, you will usually have no access to these transports.

Gray Line & Interbus

The system of inter-buses and buses from Gray Line, is something unique in Costa Rica, and works greatly.

There is a special bus system, set up for tourists who want to learn and see something of the country, and get to know Costa Rica. The transport always takes place at a fixed time from hotel to hotel, or from meeting point to hotel. Meeting places are those places where a tour starts or ends, crossing points for cross travelers, etc. Depending on the season and the popularity of the objective, there are around  three starting times per day.

Depending on the distance of the transport, it costs from $ 40 to $ 60. We, as a licensed agency will take care of the reservation, and advise you  on complex compounds. On some routes  there is no regular connection from Interbus or Gray Line, we (from alautentico) offer private alternatives that work perfectly in combination with the Bus- sytems.

Please fill out the short request form and we will immediately take care of the reservations, which can be easily paid by bank transfer or PayPal worldwide.

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