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round trip VenezuelaTravel Offer: High Contrast Venezuela

Complete Venezuela Tour

Venezuela is one of the most interesting, exciting, and diverse destinations in the world. Venezuela is also very large. If you only have limited time, but want to experience a maximum of Venezuela's natural wonders, you should plan with us a customized tour. It does not rushes with a large, anonymous group through the country, but moves individually to the goals that people chose by themselves.

This exclusive adventure tour takes you through the most interesting areas of Venezuela: from the National Park Mochima, across the wild Paria peninsula with its beautiful Caribbean beaches, to the largest stalactite cave on the continent, “la Cueva del Guácharo”. Then it continues to the eastern Llanos, and the Orinoco Delta. In the south we'll go to Canaima and the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. The final offer is the snowy peaks of the Andes, and the abundant wildlife of the western Llanos.

Due to the fact that it is an individual tour, every customer can change the sequence as desired, and departure days are very flexible.

Day 1-3

Dolfins in Venezuela

First Day: Arrival at the International Airport of Maiquetia Caracas - Mochima (-, -, -)

Flight to Cumana and Barcelona, and transfer to the peaceful fishing village of Mochima.
The night takes place in a friendly place in Mochima Posada.

Second Day: Mochima (-, -, -)

This day is all about the water and marine life.

Right after breakfast starts the so-called "dolphin tour". On a fishing boat we take a ride through the beautiful national park. Besides mangrove forests, caves and strange rock formations, which are inhabited by pelicans, you can see almost certainly dolphin swarm, wanting to play with the boat. It is truly an unforgettable experience to see these lovable marine mammals so close.
Crystal clear water on isolated beaches, and relax while swimming and snorkeling. On a uniquely beautiful beach awaits a freshly prepared lunch, and a cold beer. The beach is an ideal place for diving, and getting to know the colorful underwater world of the Caribbean. Crystal clear, warm water over intact coral reefs, swimming and diving into an unforgettable experience.
Overnight at a posada in the quiet fishing village of Mochima

Third Day: Mochima - Carúpano (-, -, -)

Today it is once again out in the National Park, ato one of the worlds most beautiful beaches: Playa Blanca! Intact coral formations allow snorkeling.
In the early afternoon a private transfer continues eastbound towards Carúpano. The sunset in the Gulf of Cariaco offers exceptionally beautiful photo opportunities.
Accommodation in a comfortable and homely Posada near the beach.


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