Tour im PanamakanalPanama Canal Tour

a secret spot in the middle of the jungle

Experience this individual adventure on a floating Hotel

Hard to believe, but it is even possible to stay directly on the Panama Canal. The Jungleland is a "floating hotel" anchored in the Gatún Reservoir in a secluded, tranquil lagoon just south of the main channel of the canal.

A floating Hotel within the Panama Canal


You sleep on the Panama Canal, just a few minutes' boat ride from one of the world's most important waterways, yet surrounded by nature so that civilization can no longer be felt. The lagoon is regularly visited by monkeys, sloths and other jungle dwellers; who likes to watch birds and other animals is here in the right place.



The project originated from the former Gatunexplorer, which forms the heart of the three-storey lodge. It has 8 guest rooms and 2 staff rooms, a beautiful sundeck on the top terrace, hammocks, a restaurant with a small bar in the mezzanine as well as a kitchen and sports equipment on the water level.


The rooms are large and suitable for families, all with a terrace and hammock to the lake. However, you should not expect luxury: the toilets are ecological, the beds are simple, there is no internet or telephone network. The power supply is guaranteed by a diesel generator hidden on land behind the hill.

Length of tour: 6 h
Start/ End: Jetty of Gamboa
Incl.: Boat transfer, tours, activities, lunch
Not incl.:  Journey to Gamboa
Level of difficulty: 2


Tours with overnight:

Length of tour: 24 h
Start/ End: Jetty of Gamboa
Incl.: Boat transfer, tours, activities, full board, overnight stay in a private room with balcony over the lake
Not incl.: Journey to Gamboa
Level of difficulty: 2







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