guna IndianerThe Comarca Guna Yala

At the north-east coast of the Caribbean of Panama you can find the San Blas Islands An 

The beautiful island archipelago, which is known as "Guna Yala" by the locals (guna indians). The Comarca Guna Yala  is an autonomous place, which is  barely case dependent on Panama.

A lot of the 365 Palmislands of the archipelagos are protected by coral reefs. Here you have the chance to see a still intact underwater world: fishes in all colors, corals, mussels and crawfishes.
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The indigenous ethnicity of the Guna is visible all along the islands and at the mainland of Comarca Guna Yala, which is around 370 km long. It reaches all along the Caribbean coast until Columbia. There are living around 30.000 Gunas (which are also called Cuna, or Dule (Human)) on the mainland and on the islands.

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The Guna have their own language . They speak Guna Dulegaya, which means "the language of the folk". But the majority of the Gunas able to speak Spanish and sometimes even English. The Guna are absolutely sovereign at San Blas - they are living by their own laws, are the owner of the islands, hotels, boats and they organize the tours. {tab TAB_TITLE 1}


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