the canal of PanamaCanal de Panama

The canal and is currently expanded, so that it is navigable for every huge ocean-going vessels on the world.

The Panama Canal is today - contrary to common misinformation to 100% under the control of Panama.

With the discovery of the Pacific Ocean in 1513 by the Spanish explorer Vasco Balboa, began the dream of a connection between the two world oceans.
Undisputed is the Panama Canal one of the highlights of a visit to Panama and is a must-see when you are in Panama.

A new canal between the Atlantic and Pacific is planned by Nicaragua since mid-2014. Preparations are with the help of the Chinese company HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment. They have been commissioned and is to receive a 100-year concession.

Panama canal

some interesting details about the canal of Panamá:

  • The average transit time for the Panama Canal is 24 hours, including the waiting times. The pure travel time is about 8 hours, due to the delays at the locks. The fastest crossing was in 1970 by the American warship "Pegasus", which did the Panama Canal crossing in 2 hours and 41 minutes.
  • If all rocks and rocks that were excavated for the Panama Canal would be loaded onto a train, it would be ranging around the world four times.
  • The average toll for a ship for the crossing the Panama Canal is US $ 25,000, depending on weight and size. But there are exceptions: In August 1928 the American Richard Halliburton swam across the canal and paid only 36 cents as a fees.


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