Panama Citynumbers & characteristics of Panamá

  • Denomination: Republic von Panama (República de Panama)
  • Capital: Panama- City (Ciudad de Panama)
  • Form of government: presidential republic, which is formally independent since 1903
  • Area: 77,080 sq km
  • Population of Panama: about 3,8 million
  • currency: Panama theoretically has its own currency, the Balboa (B /.). This has a ratio of 1: 1 to the American Dollar, so the Dollar is the common form of payment
  • the highest mountain in Panama is the volcano Baru with 3475 m ü.N
  • the longest river of Panama is the Rio Chucunaque with 231 km length
  • the largest lake is Lago Gatún with a surface area of ​​430 square kilometers
  • the largest island of Panama is the "Isla de Coiba” with almost 500 square kilometers expansion
  • Main exports: bananas, sugar, corn and seafood

Panama City TourPanama is bordered to the south of Colombia, to the north of Costa Rica. To Colombia, there is no road connection, to Costa Rica, there are two border crossings available.

The main highway is the Pan-American Highway that runs through all Panama. The Pan-American Highway connects North America with South America in itself and runs from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. But the border between Panama and Colombia lays a gap in the jungle region of Darién, called the Darien Gap, which has not yet been closed. The reasons are mainly because the area is controlled by the Colombian guerrillas and also the North Americans who do not want this path opened to avoid drug trafficking. Nevertheless, Panama started closing the gap.

The second major road is the “Transmistica”, which runs parallel to the Panama Canal between Panama City and Colón. Besides Transmistica there also exists a railway line, which is now released for passengers (tourists to and from Panama City).

The narrow country Panama is the link between Central and South America. Panama is known worldwide because of the strategically important Panama Canal.

The population of Panama is mostly composed of mestizos (mixed race between natives and Europeans). Minorities are Blacks, mulattoes, Creoles and American Indians.



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