Panama CityPanama City, the big city

Capital of Panama

Without question, the capital of Panama, "La Ciudad de Panama" (as locally known) or "Panama City" (as it is referred to internationally), offers a great variety of attractions to its visitors. 

The international importance of the city is obvious to every visitor. A symbol of its significance is for example the fact that no major bank headquater is missing from the skyline. A visit to Panama City is definitely worth a trip - you should even consider spending a couple of days here.

Panama Stadt

With the importance of the Panama Canal, Panama City has become the capital of the rather small country. But due to the economic influence of the canal, the city has turned into a true metropolis. The population of the city itself is estimated to be around 750,000. The whole catchment area even counts over 1.2 million people. You will be able to see for yourself when you visit.

La Ciudad de Panama, as it is called, is in the Gulf of Panama, which is part of the Pacific Ocean. The Panama Canal ends/begins here.

The central area of the town is located alongside the approximately 3 km long bay of Panama. These Bahia begins in the southwest at the Old City (Casco Viejo), and extends in a northeasterly direction to the more modern parts of the city, such as Bella Vista and Punta Paitilla. These districts also form the financial center of Panama City as all major banks are present here, the city is reminiscent of Manhattan.

You can also find most of the good and excellent restaurants in Bella Vista, as well as hotels in the higher price ranges.

An attraction in the city is a nearby dam (Calzada Amador), connected to the group of islands of Isla Naos, Isla Perico, and Isla Flamenco. This area is known as Amador, and is located about 15 minutes  away from the city center. From here you will have a great view over the city and many restaurants line the street. You can also rent bikes or walk along the pedestrian routes next to the sea.

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