What you need to see in Panamá

Without discussing it, everyone will agree that the Panama Canal is one of the highlights of Panama. Therefore, an extensive visit of the canal is also part of any trip through Panama. But that's not only what Panama offers. Here is a brief overview of the main attractions in the country.

Panama CityPanama City, the big city

Capital of Panama

Without question, the capital of Panama, "La Ciudad de Panama" (as known locally, and internationally, "Panama City"), offers a great variety of attractions to the visitors. 
It is an international metropolis, where all the major banks in the world have a “high” headquarter there. The surroundings of "Bella Vista" show testimony of this. A visit to Panama City is worth a trip- consider to spend a couple of days here.

panama carebbeanPanamás Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean coast of Panama is accessible in three places.

At Colon you get to the central Caribbean coast of Panama. The coast distinction between Costa arriba and Costa abajo.

In the far north, on the border with Costa Rica, is the province of Bocas del Toro, a dreamed paradise for vacations.

And in the south-east, towards the border to Colombia, you will find the beautiful islands of the Islas San Blas.


Pazifikküste in PanamaPanamá: The West of the country

Westbound Panama pulls himself to approach the neighboring country Costa Rica.

The central Pacific coast between Panama City and Costa Rica is gorgeous, and has a really good infrastructure.

The Volcano Barú at the Volcano location (it is simply called Volcán), is the most famous volcano in Panama. It is a National Park, and the oldest nature reserve in Panama.

The fantastic island group "Bocas del Toro", on the Caribbean coast near the border with Costa Rica, invites you to dive, and to do snorkel adventures.

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