Ometepe Island

Ometepe Island, the two volcano Island

Ometepe is an island in the middle of the Nicaragua-lake, Lago Cocibolca.

The island is subdivided into two parts, each with a volcano. The ferry connections to the island are: From San Jorge (nearby Rivas) and two times the week a slowly cargo ferry from Granada.

It gave 3 important harbors- locations: Altagracia, San José del Sur and Moyogalpa; all of them are at the north side of Ometepe. At this side the most people are living. The two island-parts are connected with a real paved road.

Located in the northern part is the active volcano Concepción, 1610 meter with a perfect volcanic cone. Located in the southern part of the island is the extinct volcano Maderas located.
Maderas, the 1395 meter high volcano attracts with a beautiful hike to the top (7-8 hours with a good fitness). His slops are overgrown with a green cloud-forest.
The volcano Conceptión is accessible from Altagracia.

Very special on the island Ometepe are the rock paintings (Petroglyphic) that can be found all around the island. The identity of the painters as well as their intention is still unknow today. A good place for exploration.

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