travel to NicaraguaArrival and entry for Nicaragua

travel by plane to Nicaragua (Managua)

Who travels with the airplane directly to Nicaragua, will arrive at the international airport “Augusto C. Sandino”, associated with the Capital Managua. The airport is 11 km away from Managua and good accessible, with the central road (Carretera norte).
Arrival: The fly from Europe is very long, around 15-30 hour, with one or two stops. In nearly every flight, you have to change the plain in the USA.

colon in Costa RicaHow to pay in Nicaragua?

Currency of Nicaragua

The currency of Nicaragua is the Cordoba.
The actually exchange rate (June 2015) is around 27 Cordobas per USD. It’s helpful, to carry always both currency’s (USD/Cordoba) with you. Hotel, trips, taxes and entre of the national park is in USD. Supermarkets, shops, gas-stations, restaurants, etc. in Cordoba.

Familienreise Nicaraguahow to travel with children in Nicaragua?

Traveling with family and children is always a special experience, which requested a special preparation. Nicaragua is a very exiting country, with offers for young and old.
The arrival from Europe is long and a kind of complicated, in the best case you need just 18 hour. At least one stop is implied, nearly always via USA.

Telefon in Costa RicaCommunication in Nicaragua

The country code of Nicaragua is +505

There are no local code. The main communication company is “Enitel”, available in all cities. Since 2009 has every telephone-number 8 ciphers. Numbers starting with 2 are landlines; numbers starting with 8 are cellphones.

travel to NicaraguaWhen is the best travel-time?

Nicaragua can be split in three climate zones

The Caribbean and pacific coast-areas are unbelievable hot, around 38 Celsius. In the rainforest part, of the Caribbean, you have hot temperatures, with a high air humidly. The high plateau and the mountains are less hot.

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