Am Vulkan ArenalThe "active"  volcano Arenal/ Fortuna

The volcano Arenal offers a very bizzare vegetation

Many eruption have embossed him 

Once the volcano was one of the most active volcanos, but not any more today. But you can see the rudimentals of that time period everywhere. With arround 1700mtrs is the Arenal one of the youngest volcanos of Costa Rica. Because he is located in a high plateau , he seems very impressive.

Vulkan Arena als Tagestour

We offer different opportunities to visit the volcano. As a daytrip, you will start in the morning and a very late return in the evening. A tour of several days combined with the Monterverde or/and the volcano Tenorio . As well you can go on your own, just with our plans and hotelreservations.

If you have a bit more time, you should go for a several days tour with us to la Fortunga or we will help you to find a very nice hotel there and you can do your own activities there. We have a lot of fantastic tours starting at la Fortuna , for example the fourdaystour to Nicaragua and the Rio San Juan.

For those who would like to visit the volcano and the hot springs on one day, we offer daily from San Jose/Santa Ana onedaytrips to the volcano Arenal.The onedaytour to the volcano starts in the morning , and you will retun at night. So you have the chance ,if there is good weather, to see a fiery volcano and before you can deeply enjoy the hot springs.

You will have enough time to obeserve the volcano and to make a hiking tour at the national park, and to use the hot springs. The price includes everything : a full lunch,dinner and the entry fees to the hot springs and the nationalpark - a total relaxing in the middle of the abundant nature.

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