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We offer a big amount of tours in Costa Rica

day trips, multi-day tours, halfday tours, free tours & so much more

The starting point of most (but not all) of our tours is at the Central Valley of Costa Rica. The endpoint can be very flexible.

A rafting trip can end in the Caribbean, and a canopy tour in La Fortuna at the Volcano Arenal. We are very flexible of planning the tour, and we try, that everything fits as good as possible.

We are also open to help planning your own tour with your own suggestions. If you need equipement or other stuff, we are always happy to help you.

Here you will find a short summary of our offers. But there is much more and we are happy to submit any of your suggestions.



Tortuguero National park from the airTortuguero National Park

The best wildlife Tour in Costa Rica

complete Tour from San José or Santa Ana

Those who like to get to know the Tortuguero National Park (and it is really a must-see, if you are in Costa Rica), there are different posibilities. The idea is, to combine a stay in Tortuguero with great tours. We can help to realize this tour.

volcano Poas, central Costa RicaDaily tour to Poás Volcano (5 in 1)

Actual: in April 2017 Volcano Poás had strong eruptions and is cloesed for visitors until new information!!!!

The active volcano “Poás” is located in the “Parque Nacional Volcán Poás”. It is one of the main attractions of Costa Rica.

The National Park is located approximately 1.5 hours northly of Santa Ana or San José (Costa Rica).
The last big eruption of the volcano was in 1953. The result was a 300 meter deep crater, which has the enormous diameter of 1.3 kilometers.

 Rio PacuareRafting at Rio Pacuare

The Rio Pacuare is a beautiful wild river in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

The river rises in the "Cordillera de Talamanca", and flows for 110 km as Parismina in the Caribbean. It flows through dark green, tropical rainforest, and is the home for numerous animal species, and many Indian villages of the tribe of Cabecar.

Rafting rio SarapiquiRafting at Sarapiqui & Canopy

The Rio Sarapiqui in Costa Rica offers an unforgettable Tour

This Tour combines a great Rafting Tour with a Canopy adventure

This Tour is a peaceful, and family-friendly rafting adventure, through one of the most dramatic scenery of Costa Rica.
Early in the morning you will be picked up at your hotel, and go through the Braulio Carrillo National Park, to the starting point of the rafting trip.

volcano Irazu, Cartago, Costa RicaIrazú Volcano Costa Rica

The Irazú Volcano, the Cathedral of Cartago and the Orosi, all in one day.

It goes higher, and higher up the mountain, along switchbacks, passing through a agricultural land, it goes up to an altitude of 3432 meter , to the crater of the Volcano Irazú, the highest volcano in Costa Rica. A great view offers a cloudless sky over the main crater, and the two adjacent oceans: the Atlantic and Pacific.

San Jose City Tour

Citytour San José, capital of Costa Rica.

This half-day tour is useful for everyone who wants to get to know San Jose.

It is also a good program for the arriving or departing day

We start this tour in the early morning and most days as well in the afternoon

Ciudad Colon in Costa RicaRiding in the nature reservation "El Rodeo"

Only an half hour drive away from Santa Ana.

Near Ciudad Colón you'll find this lovely stable in the nature reservation El Rodeo.

You have the option to choose from many different horses, from the complete tamed and friendly ones  for the beginners, to the fiery Arabs for the advanced riders

penas blancas riverRio Peñas blancas, from la Fortuna

wildlife Tour with rafting, canoe or kayak

nature lovers tour

This great tour is floating downriver by canoe, raft or kayak (please choose on booking) and enjoy both,the pace and the peace of the river and its surrounding rainforest. The brilliant green of the river, the flashing blues of Costa Rica's most famous butterfly, the Morpho peleides, and the possibility to see a lot of brightly colored birds makes this an unforgettable trip. 

Isla Tortuga, PuntarenasIsla Tortuga Tour

The Isla Tortuga is located in the gulf of Nicoya

The Isla Tortuga (in English: the Turtle Island) has the dream beach, which you have always dreamed of. Swimming in crystal clear water, snorkeling over intact coral reefs, and sunbathing on the white sandy beach. Here, the dream comes true.

After a nearly 90 minute drive you will reach the port of Puntarenas, an important fishing village.

Tour Cano negro, CostaricaCaño negro (from la Fortuna)

The trip to Cano Negro is one of the most amazing tours

incredible bird watching and wildlife in Costa Rica

The tour starts in the morning at La Fortuna. Near the road to Caño Negro there is the opportunity to see different agriculture plantations like yucca, pineapple, sugar cane, papaya and citrus plantations.

volcano ArenalArenal Volcano/ Fortuna

The Arenal Volcano is considered the most active volcano in Central America

....but disappoints its visitors in this matter.
With nearly 1700 m Height, the Arenal is one of the more recent volcanoes: it looks really impressive.
We offer various tours of  visiting the Arenal volcano.

lagoon Volkano BarvaVolcano Barva- Braulio Carrillo

The extinct volcano Barva is part of the Braulio Carrillo national park

It is an absolute insider tipp in the Costa Rican central valley

The volcano is about 25 km away from San José and baits with a bizarre landscape. The national park Braulio Carrillo and the extinct volcano Barva are obviously an unknown point on a Costa Rican tourist’s to do list.

Am Vulkan ArenalThe "active"  volcano Arenal/ Fortuna

The volcano Arenal offers a very bizzare vegetation

Many eruption have embossed him 

Once the volcano was one of the most active volcanos, but not any more today. But you can see the rudimentals of that time period everywhere. With arround 1700mtrs is the Arenal one of the youngest volcanos of Costa Rica. Because he is located in a high plateau , he seems very impressive.

Catarata del ToroLas Cataratas del Toro

The natural valley of the river Toro is located not far away from the Volcano Poás

Densly wooded escarpments, waterfalls and endless nature are typical for this place. At this secret valley you can find the Cataratas de Toro. It is a private nature preserve which contains a beautiful and unique 100 meters high waterfall.

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