Krkodil in Costa RicaRío San Carlos, half day

The Rio San Carlos is a mighty river, and has its origin at the Arenal Volcano

In its lower reaches, just before the junction with the San Juan River (the river that divides Costa Rica and Nicaragua), it joins the Río Tres Amigos.


Laguna Lagarto Lodge

town in northern Costa RicaIn this region, until the place Boca Tapada, prevails the agriculture. But further after Boca Tapada begin large and protected primary forest areas. Laguna de Lagarto Lodge is a great starting point for getting to know the rainforests. From the lodge itself, 500 hectares of tropical rain forest are protected, more than 380 bird species can move around with freedom.

The boat ride on the Rio San Carlos is also a special experience. There can be seen many alligators, river turtles and iguanas, although the influence of the people is visible on the shore, we've also the opportunity to observe monkeys and a variety of birds.


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