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This nature reserve is located in the north of Costa Rica, next to the border with Nicaragua, and bordering a lake, which belongs to this neighbor country. At the center of 9960-acre nature reserve is located, in the rainy season, the nearly 800-acre Caño Negro Lake. Here is offered fantastic opportunities for wildlife observation.

Cano negro tour

During the dry season it is divided in some lagoons; when the Rio Frío flows, the lake fills itself with several small canals.

The Río Frío ends in the Río San Juán from Nicaragua. The border river that divides Costa Rica with Nicaragua, which once opened in San Juan del Norte, at the Caribbean.
You can observe more than 370 species of birds, and many other interesting animals as: large otters, turtles, howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, sloths, tapirs, jaguars, sea cows (manatees), caimans and crocodiles in masses, freshwater sharks, green iguanas, and a lot more.
The mangrove-covered Rio Frio flows through the area, and is therefore an ideal way through water to explore the rich flora and fauna. From the boat you can see many animals in the water, on the shore, and in the riparian vegetation.

The Nature Reserve Caño Negro

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The tour starts at the lower reaches of the small town of "Caño Negro", the starting point, which is already the middle of the reserve. More information can be found under "tours to Caño Negro". The nature reserve Caño Negro is also part of many of our tours.
The Rio Frio is worldwide famous for fishers. A special feature is the fishing of the Tarpon atlanticus, saltwater fish, which swim up from the Caribbean to this river. Small specimens weight only 25 kg; there were also up to 100 kg specimens fished. It is, however, strictly just to sport fishers: hook, fight, fight, shoot, pull out, weigh, photograph, back to water.

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