Vulkan ArenalLa Fortuna, near Arenal volcano

Its full name is actually "La Fortuna de San Carlos”

It is a very friendly place

Here you can find the starting point from which you can explore the beautiful Arenal Volcano. La Fortuna is located in the province of Alajuela and is the connection point between the northern lowlands and the high cloud forests around Monteverde and Santa Elena.

La Fortuna is easily accessible and it offers spectacular views of the 10 km from the Arenal volcano, which is known as the most active volcano in Central America.

The Arenal Volcano

Vulkan Arenal

The Arenal is the most active volcano in Central America and the youngest of Costa Rica. Constantly lava flows on the slopes of the valley, and you can regularly see glowing rocks flying in the sky.

The Arenal is known as a layer or composite volcano and the youngest volcano in Costa Rica. Its perfect cone is usually surrounded by light smoke and in good weather it can be seen from far away. The oldest lava flows, which are brought by the Arenal, are 7000 years old. The volcanic activity in this region is much older. The neighboring volcano Chato, is estimated to be nearly 40,000 years old. It is believed that a large outbreak of the Chato initiated the eruptive activity of the Arenal. The Chato volcano's last eruption was 3500 years ago.

The last major eruption, of the 1650 m high Arenal, was in July 1968. This outbreak killed 78 people. At 1100 m altitude, three new craters opened. The whole spectacle lasted three days. Before that, the volcano had no activity for 400 years. Now the volcano grows a few meters each year, as the lava collects around the crater.

Since that, the Arenal is considered relatively active. Mostly in the upper third of the volcano, you can observe lava flowing by a 100 meters lenght, provoking the stones to fall. Every few years, there are stronger eruptions. They often occur without no one noticing it. Therefore, it is forbidden to climb inside the Arenal.

Nuevo Arenal

Volcano Arenal

"Nuevo Arenal" is a very nice place located directly on the Arenal reservoir. The place is a good mix of holiday houses, small hotels and restaurants, as well as an authentic village, where you can find a large number of Native Americans. Their tribe is called Malekus.

Particurally known in the Nuevo Arenal, is the German bakery of Buron and Ellen Thomas Perner, who have been living in Costa Rica for eleven years. Here you can eat bread and cakes (also drink wheat beer), you can talk in German and you will have two real experts of the country in front of you. Both support the education of the Indians from the area and are very helpful when it comes to finding accommodation in the city.

Ellen runs a small souvenir shop next to the bakery, with lots of real gems of the Indians. Not “made in China”, as you may find elsewhere.

Los Heroes

You can find this quirky and very interesting place on the north band of the Lake Arenal.

Los Heroes, Costa Rica

The "Hotel Los Heroes" is a dream became true. The Swiss owner founded their little Switzerland in 1989. The idea to build it, came with the construction of a Swiss cowshed(comparable to the pre-alpine region).

Today they own a Hotel with a restaurant, a cheese factory, a chapel and a train station. From this station you can take a mountain lift to a rotating restaurant, from where you can enjoy a fantastic view over the lake and up to the Arenal Volcano.

The railway line will go slowly through 3.5 km up the mountain, crosses 2 tunnels and a beautiful high bridge. It is actually something any visitor must do, when you are in this environment. The train leaves 3 times a day, it is advisable to pre-book. We are happy to assist you.


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