El Rodeo NaturschutzgebietZona Protectora el Rodeo

The Zona Protectora (nature reserve) El Rodeo is one of the last large contiguous forests that once covered the whole Central Valley. There is a secondary tropical rain forest, which partially becomes a mountain rain forest.

The reserve with 2256 hectare is part of the "Área de Conservación Pacífico Central", as well as the forests that lie between San José and the Pacific coast, and is located in Cantón Mora.

Even though the population of the Central Valley has increased a lot during the last few decades, there are still large and contiguous forests.

Natur im Naturschutzgebiet el Rodeo

There are of course some settlements, as well as agriculture, mainly coffee. In the nature reserve of El Rodeo live about 50 species of local mammals and over 150 different species of birds, amphibians and reptiles. In addition some species of which are endangered.

The vegetation consists of mid-level, ancient tropical forests and secondary forests and represents a transition of tropical dry forests in Guanacaste to the cloud forests of the central valley. It contains the large, tropical tree species that can be found here often.
The following species can be found here:
The Higuerón, a fig tree, which is found only in the tropics of South America, from Mexico to the Amazon. The fruit, which is known as fig, is not commonly eaten by the human being. 
The Guayabón: Is a tree of the family wing seed plants. It is similar to the guava tree and is endemic in this part of Costa Rica. The valuable tropical tree reaches a height of up to 45 m, growing in the immediate vicinity of water courses, and is very rare to find, so it is a special feature for the protected area of El Rodeo.
The Cedro amargo belongs to the Mahagonie plants and also has a very valuable wood. The straight trunk, with a diameter of up to 2 m, reaches a height up to 40 m. The first strains grow only above the center of the tree, the large roots extend near or above the ground.

The Ceiba pentandra, known in Costa Rica as Pochote (in German: Kapok Tree), is quite common to see the reserve El Rodeo. The kapok tree is a huge tree that reaches heights up to 80 meters and is one of the largest trees in the tropical rainforest. As a young tree it is densely covered with sharp, conical spines. The trunk is green, the leaves are palmate fingered. They will be dropped at the start of the dry season in November. The fruits are up to 15 cm long, at the end of the opening capsules.

In the reserve el Rodeo you may be lucky to see a lot of animals: Including the capuchin and howler monkey, squirrels, iguanas, anteaters, sloths and armadillos.

Located on the edge of the protected area is the Universidad de la Paz, there are several trails leading into the sanctuary.


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1. On horseback:
We offer a very personal and exciting day tour through the nature reserve El Rodeo, on the horse with a personal guide. Adventure and nature.

2. On foot: From the Universidad de la Paz.

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