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Canopy - The (most likely) Costa Rican invention is very popular among locals and visitors

In the rainforest most plants and animals are living far away from the ground. Life is not found on the forests floor, but the leafy world 20 or 30 meters above the ground, called the canopy. The canopy is made of the overlapping branches and leaves of big rainforest trees. Its name "Canopy" is also used for a very popular activity in Costa Rica.

Sliding on a steel- wire through the rainforest and seeing the jungle from a different perspective - from the view of monkeys and birds. Canopy is popular all over Costa Rica, as well as in the neighbor countries, in many different forms. Sometimes, the zip lines take only 20 or 30 meters between 2 trees and sometimes they cross large canyons up to one kilometer long.
There are extreme adrenaline routes with large slope and a very high speed - while in other places modern plastic ropes are used, so that you can float silently through the jungle and enjoy your surroundings.

If you come to Costa Rica you have to try Canopy. On our  tours we can include a Canopy tour. However, there are so many places offering the opportunity for Canopy that you can do it at any place on your roundtrip.

Very nice Canopy tours are also available in conjunction with other activities: Hanging bridges, Canopy and horseback riding, Canopy and rafting, canyoning, rappel and other adventurous activities.

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