Autofahren in Costa RicaDriving a car in Costa Rica

Driving a car in Costa Rica can be a little bit adventurous.

Get used to relax a little more

Imagine a European driving style: fast, opinionated, loyal and pedantic rules, combined with Latin American mentality: an inability to drive straight, and defect vehicles. That is what Costa Rican traffic is like. You must always drive carefully and never ignore the way, even though not everything is  clearly visible and pedestrians can cross the street everywhere.

The traffic rules are similar to the European standards. Legal relations, red light means stop, the traffic signs are commonly understood and known. In order to drive, an European driving license is enough up to 3 months after the entry into the country. Then you will have to apply for a national license. More information about renting a car can be found in the following.

auf Reisen in Costa Rica

In September 2009, a new traffic order was introduced. The most important thing are the new fines for traffic offenses. A Formula 1 world champion has participated in the advisory. The dramatic measures bring benefits with them but also increase the corruption of the traffic police (Transitos). A type of Flensburg points system has been introduced, the penalty for driving without a seat belt can cost up to U.S. $ 300. In September 2011, electronic evidence against speeders were admitted in court.

Tipps for driving by yourself: You should never insist on your right. It is better to let 2 or 3 cars pass by, than engage a dispute. The traffic may be aggressive, which is the complete opposite of the mentality of the Ticos. On the main roads, you can frequently see traffic police carrying out speed controls. This is mostly the case in the places where incomprehensible restrictions prevail and where they can find a shady spot to perform their control. Therefore it is advisable to respect the speed limit; the penalties are high and it is not worth it to discuss.

You can sometimes spot a heart painted on the asphalt of the streets of Costa Rica. This means that someone died there.

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