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The small country of Central America, called Costa Rica, is well-known since a long time , as one of the greenest and safest countries to travel in the world.

Costa Rica has a surface of almost 51,000 square kilometers, which is a little bit more than the state of Niedersachsen(Germany). Costa Rica has many treasures, but not so many natural resources. It is a pure natural country and contains many natural wonders: active volcanoes with bubbling hot springs, tropical rain forest, elves forest, cloud forests, tropical rivers, which invites you to rafting, wetlands, fantastic beaches off the Pacific and Atlantic, an incredible variety of flora and fauna, and so much more.

The special thing in Costa Rica is, that everything is good protected,  not only protected by law,  also by the very conscious general population.

A former president was awarded with the Nobel Prize of Peace, the entire country is peaceful, it has no military army, and is an example for democracy.

fauna in costa ricaFacts of Costa Rica

- Area: 51,000 km2
- Population: 4,4 millions
- Language: official language is Spanish, but there are also Patois, and native languages
- Religion: 77% of the religion is catholic, and 14% protestants
- Goverment: Presidential Republic

Tourism in Latin americaThe Tourism in CR

Tourism in Costa Rica is very ecological

Years ago, the government found out , that there is a gap in the global market. If a country protects its enviroment, it could make a country very special.  Therefore, the tourism is used to protect the nature. For that, there are countless examples in Costa Rica. One example is the Eco-hotels.

canopy in costa ricaAdventure in the jungle

What is Canopy? Canopy was (probably) invented in Costa Rica

It's is very popular with everybody- locals and visitors

In the rainforest most plants and animals are living far away from the ground. Life is not found on the forest floor, but the leafy world 20 or 30 meters above the ground, called the canopy. The canopy is made of the overlapping branches and leaves of big rainforest trees. This name, Canopy is used for a very popular activity in Costa Rica.

Fastfood in Costa RicaFood & Drinks in Costa Rica

What is the typical food in Costa Rica?

Are there any particular specialties in Costa Rica?

The very, very typical dish is the "Casado". It consists of rice, black beans, fried plantains (platanos) and chicken, meat or fish. The "Casado" is eaten for lunch and dinner, you can get it quite priceless at the simple restaurants here.

typical Costa RicaHuge Granite Spheres

Where do they come from?

In Costa Rica, especially in the southern regions, you can find some carefuly worked huge granite spheres. There are some up to 2 meters . Nobody knows what they mean, there are many speculations, even the aliens play a role. For example, in  Sierpe, where you get into the boat to Drake Bay and Corcovado National Park, you can find many of those balls.

Autofahren in Costa RicaDriving a car in Costa Rica

Driving a car in Costa Rica could be a little bit adventurous.

Get used to relax a little more

Imagine a European driving style: fast, opinionated, loyal and pedantic rules, combined with Latin American mentality: an inability to drive straight, and defect vehicles. Something like that is  the Costa Rican traffic. You must always drive carefully, and never ignore the way , even though not everything is  clearly visible, and pedestrians can cross the street everywhere.

fauna in costa ricaNature in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a world leader in environmental matters

National parks, zona protectoras and more

Protected areas, such as national parks and bio reserves, make up more than a quarter of the country area. It is the first tropical country that seeks to achieve the reversing of deforestation. Many reforestationprojects -  private initiatives with government support, are based in Costa Rica.

typical Ox cart Costa RicaTrading in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is still strongly focused on agriculture

New sectors of the economy are dominant now

The most important sector is tourism. In 2008, with nearly 1.5 million foreign visitors, were generated up to $ 1.8 billion in sales, which goes quite directly to the public good.
The contribution of agriculture to gross domestic product in 2005, was only of 7.9%.

Barrio in Costa RicaHistory of Costa Rica

The origin of all people on the American continent is Asia

Reports about the aborigines of Costa Rica had already started about 3000 years BC

In this time, men startet to cultivate land. But it was an extremely low population density. It has been estimated with the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th Century, at this time there were only 100,000 people living in the area of Costa Rica.

wind energy in Santa AnaSustainability in Costa Rica

Green Energy in Costa Rica

In 2021 Costa Rica will be the first country in the world which produces 100% of the energy by renewable energies! 

In 2015 for two and a half months, Costa Rica did't burn one single barrel of oil to produce energy or did not import energy.

living Costa RicaPolitics of Costa Rica

Since 1821 Costa Rica is independent from Spain

Costa Rica has one of the most peaceful histories of whole Latin America

You can feel the peace until now. Since the 19th century, there were just two short violent periods, but always the democracy has been the winner.
President José Figueres Ferrer disestablished at the 8 May 1949 the army by a constitutional amendment.

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