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National wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica

Welcome nature lovers and birdwatcher

La Ensenada National Wildlife Refuge is a great and peaceful place to relax and explore. It is surrounded by nature and mangroves, beautiful flowers and birds that will make you forget that you are not very far from civilization.
With a beautiful view all over the gulf of Nicoya, mangroves and Salinas, nature trails and cozy cabins all with a huge terrace overlooking the Gulf and surrounded by green areas and in the middle of the forest you will love la Ensenada.

The farm of 320 hectares is family owned and is dedicated to stock farming, horses and salt production. La Ensenada has developed a 3 step reforesting program:

  • A natural return to the forest environment, which was degraded by cattle farming
  • Plantation of local wood & species
  • Plantation of exotic species

Today more than 30% of the farm is covered by forests, which helps to maintain the natural habitat. Since 1977 they have been working in defending a "National Wildlife Refuge", including the mangroves zones at the outlet of the Abangares River.

This is a very important area, because here we find one of the last primary and secondary forests in the northern Puntarenas province.
The area covers three types of wet environments: Mangles, sweet water, and the Golf shore. These ecosystems are of vital importance and must be preserved.

We offer horseback riding tours, tractor tours, mangrove and birdwatching Tour. Please fill out the form below to reserve la Ensenada Lodge with us.


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