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In 1838, Schomburgk reached the mountain, that his Indian companions called Ru-Ru Ima: always fertile mother of the waters. For 4 weeks, the researchers scoured the area, but tey didn't (even in the subsequent visits) find a way to climb it. The following reports and books of Schomburgk heated the interest in this mysterious mountain, in such a way that researchers always tried their luck with the climb. In the middle of the 19th Century, when Darwin's theory of world history began to catch on, was first awarded the Roraima from its old age (Millions of years), and researchers began to the mountain as possible archaeological place of dinosaurs, and other animals. By endemic evolution on the surface of Roraima, theexisting species have never been exposed to the tough competition, as living beings in any other place in the world. Thought dinosaurs have never been seen, scientist have discovered many endemic animal species in the top of it, and many plant species that are unique in our planet. A nature that is worth for exploring.

Roraima Tour itinerary:

Day 1 & 2

Roraima Tafleberg TrekkingTag 1: Tour-  adventure in Venezuela

Departure from Santa Elena to Pareitepuy in Jeep. The ride over hill and dale lasts two hours. From Paraitepuy you hike five hours until Kukenan – Camp. Adventure: We cross two rivers with the help of Mecates (ropes), and the guides.

At high tide it is a great experience, especially since the stones can be extremely smooth! You should wear socks to prevent the risk of slipping! Our guides will help with a rope that crosses the river, and stand with advices beside you. Dinner at the camp.

Day 2: orchids and carnivorous plants

After breakfast, begin a five-hour hike to the base camp. Includes two hours with a stronger slope. You walk by orchids, and carnivorous plants. At the base camp begins the jungle, which offers numerous photo opportunities. Lunch and dinner in the Base Camp.


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