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adventure Tours in all Venezuela

At almost every interesting destination in Venezuela, we offer tours and excursions. These can be booked as single modules, or we'll put them together as a personal circuit.

Here is a selection:


Tour to Canaima

Canaima and the Angel Falls

travel to Canaima and the Salto Angel

Canaima is one of the main attractions in Venezuela. Here you are close to the "Angel Falls" (Salto Angel), which is almost one kilometer high, the highest waterfall in the world.

Canaima is located on a beautiful lagoon, which is fed by five waterfalls, and has paradisiacal beaches. A unique experience, and obligatory program in Venezuela. Our three-day tour with a boat trip to Angel Falls, is a unique experience.

Nature delta orinoco

The Orinoco Delta- nature & freedom

The tour Orinoco delta is unique

One of the most authentic tours that you can experience in Venezuela

Therefore, this tour is forming part of most of our round- trips. You move in a dugout canoe through abandoned water arms, that will only be transited by the Warao Indians. Far from usual travelers routes in the Delta, our Nature Camp is located on a very selected place.

Tafelberg Trekking in Venezuela

Tour Roraima Venezuela

Roraima- Trekking Tour

„The Lost World“

Trekking Tour of superlatives by the "Lost World". Most spectacular views and 70% of endemic life - unique in the world! The fantastic story of the Roraima begins with the independence of Venezuela in 1810. By the dispute between Guyana and Venezuela of the border line, the Royal Geographical Society of London, sent the German explorer Robert Schomburgk, to fill the white map from the british Colony with mountains and river, and thereby to establish the territorial limits.

Tour to Chirikayen Tepuy

Table Mountains Trekking Tour

Chirikayen 3 Days, 2 nights

Despite the Roraima is the most famous of the climbable "mesas", there is an alternative for people who do not have so much time, and would like to know the nature of a less significant Table Mountain: The Chirikayen is a Tepuy with only 1,650 m altitude, and easy to climb during three days. A journey through the savannah, primary-season rain forest, and you'll see small gold and diamond mines.



Tour Llanos VenezuelaWildlife - Los Llanos

3 Days wildlife Tour

On this 3-4 day tour to Los Llanos, the plains and savannah country of Venezuela, we offer the opportunity to get to know this unique landscape, and an intense adventure with a lot of wild animals.

The tour starts in Mérida and goes up to Apure, where we stay on an active hacienda. Wildlife viewing is the main attraction.

caracas city tour

individual Citytour Caracas

City-Tour through the capital of Venezuela

Caracas is an impressing megacity

accurate numbers of the citizen are nonexistent. Caracas is big, laud, full of live and confusing. Caracas is the center of the cultural and political life of Venezuela.

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