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The highest waterfall in the world: Angel- falls

Undoubted the highlight in Venezuela and almost a must- go

Every visitor to Venezuela hast to go to Canaima and the Angelfalls, which, with almost 1000 m height is the highest waterfall in the world. Canaima itself is a Pemón settlement in a wonderful location on a black water lagoon of the Rio Carrao, with five rare and beautiful waterfalls.

Rio Carrao, Auyan tepuy

A fine sandy beach offers excellent swimming, and so it is no wonder that this peaceful place on earth has a some tourist camps. From the port of Ucaima, located above the falls starts the adventurous tours to the Angelfalls.

How to get there?

On foot:

Canaima itself is not accessible by road, just with an adventurous expedition with numerous river crossings on a raft. And only in the dry season because the river are widened in rainy season. It passes through dense rainforest to the shores of Rio Caroni, where you have to cross the river closed by the Indian village Candelaria. From here it is a 2 hours walk to Canaima.

By plane:

The normal way to get to Canaima is by plane. From Caracas at the moment there are no flights. To get to Canaima, take a charter flight from Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolívar. For approximately 75 minutes lasts the spectacular flight. Recommended in any case is a complete package with flight and tour. Of course you can also select "Only flight" is, but getting to Canaima you need tour and a place to sleep and it will always be a lot more money to purchase at Canaima.


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