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Here the soul of an adventurer beats faster and calls of nature. Beaches such as Playa Medina, Playa Puypuy or the Quetepe turtle beach, for swimming and surfing.
Caution: dangerous currents are felt in many of these beaches. You have a bath while being very, very careful.

Playa Medina, Venezuela

Playa Medina is regarded as a dream beach at all, here was the world famous Bacardi advertising shot, and is therefore actually known. At Playa Medina can to stay in one of 8 bungalows, that works only with reservation (walk), is not because everything runs through the office in Carúpano. We are happy to take care of the reservation.

On the Paria Peninsula, you can also find the Turuépano National Park, a landscape very similar to the Orinoco, but not

National park Turuepano, Venezuela

completely unknown and with tourist facilities. We offer daily tours there.

The National Park Turuépano covers an area of over 72,000 hectares, and consists of many Caños, mangroves, and small islands.
Here is to find the "case de El Pilar", where two continental plates meet. Frequent small earthquakes are the result of this; you may also find in the area around El Pilar many sulfur springs, hot springs, and spas.

The largest pitch lake in the world, the "lago de Guanoco", is located in Paria and can be explored in an arduous tour.

The Orinoco delta, in direct connection to the Gulf of Paria, is an ancient landscape with primary forests, which in any case must be part of any trip.

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