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The capital of the state is Tucupita, a sleepy village, situated on the Caño Manamo. The tour can be started in Tucupita, but there are also two more ports which are almost better to start at: San José de Buja in Monagas, in the north, and Puerto Uracoa near Tucupita.

Pirana in Orinoco delta

A tour in the Delta should be started as a combination purchase of individual blocks, such as boat, accommodation, food, etc., at the end is much more expensive than a complete tour, in which everything is possible. Here you will find our routes to the Orinoco.

Another important settlement next to Tucupita is the small town of Pedernales. It is located on the Gulf of Paria, on the open Atlantic Ocean, and is not accessible by road. Pedernales is home to many workers in the oil industry of Venezuela, is therefore a strategically important position.

Orinoco delta Venezuela

From Tucupita, the next place can be reached three times a day by a water taxi (the ticket price is about 10 euros). Flight connections are only available as charter flights. The airport is located on a neighboring island, and must be approached by boat.
In Pedernales there are 4 small Posadas, all cheap, relatively clean, and simple.

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