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The Wild East of Venezuela

The east of Venezuela is one of the most interesting and diverse areas of the country. Here gather the most diverse landscapes in a small space, the best beaches and the most spectacular highlights.
Cities such as Barcelona, Puerto La Cruz, Cumaná and Carúpano can be used as starting points for activities in the area.

the delta orinoco in Venezuelawildlife in the Orinoco Delta

“El Delta del Orinoco”, the Orinoco's Delta is the land of the Warao' Indians

The Delta can only be explored by boat

Countless side arms spread across the landscape, some major channels such as Caño Macareo and Caño Manamo are helpful for the orientation.
Starting a tour in the Delta while traveling through Venezuela, is something you shouldn't miss.

auf der Paria Halbinsel, venezuelago to Peninsula de Paria

nicest beaches in Venezuela

The Caribbean beaches of the Paria Peninsula are among the finest in the country, jungle next to beaches of fine sand, small rivers, forested mountains, far as the eye. The Paria Peninsula is still a real, authentic world.
Starting point for exploring the peninsula can be Carupano - student city at the entrance to the peninsula - reach by bus or private transfer.

eastern VenezuelaCarúpano, Peninsula de Paria

Estado Sucre, entry to nature and adventure

In the north-east of the state, "Sucre", between the peninsula of Araya and Paria, is the city Carupano.

Carupano is a serene little town that once had a great importance because of the harbor, where the coffee and cocoa were taken away by the boatloads.

Fischerboote in VenezuelaPeninsula de Araya- fisherman live

The Araya peninsula is sometimes called the salt peninsula.

Incredibly arise as desert near a tropical rainforest can be. If you did not know better, you would think you are on the moon.

The only commercial activities on the Araya Peninsula are fishing and salt mining. The salt flats are impressive with oversized salt mountains in pyramid form.

the gulf of CariacoGolfo de Cariaco

Estado Sucre, Venezuela

The species and fish-rich Gulf of Cariaco is formed by the coastal mountains, and the peninsula of Araya. With a length of 60 kilometers and a maximum width of 15 kilometers, the Gulf has an area of 635 square kilometers. The Cumaná Output situated in the opposite is 3 kilometers wide. The Golf offers beautiful beaches with a smooth surface, with no tides or waves.

 Mochima National parkParque Nacional de Mochima:

The Mochima National Park offers crystal clear waters

And white beaches, colorful corals & an intact fauna

These coastal waters are an ideal habitat for fish and other marine animals. The national park has a size of 950 square kilometers, the majority of which lies below sea level.

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