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Travel the venezuelean Andes

See wildlife in the Llanos



The spacious Llanos, which are located from the Orinokodelta until the Andes , are really attractice in the western part. There are still living real cowboys , everlasting savannas, fields,river and wetlands create a natural living environment for many animals. However you can observe them really good at the LLanos.

You can find the western Llanos in 3 states of venezuela : Apure, Barinas und Gúarico. Really interesting for tourists is a visit of Llanos and the wide surface of Apure and a part of the Barinas. There you can observe a lot of animals , at the big fincas you can find an unbelievable abundance of birds. The tours start at the city of Barinas or Merida.

The nearly located chain of the Andes achieves arround 5000mtrs in Venezuela. The highest point is the "Pico Bolivar" with around 4981 mtrs. The city of Merida , capital of the state of Merida is a very active studentcity with a fabulous climate




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