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Fact File: Venezuela

Area: 916.050 km²
Population: 29.423 Millions
Population density: 29,7 Inhabitants/ km²
Distribution: 88 % in cities and 12 % in rural areas
Government: Presidential Federal Republic
Capital City: Caracas
Other important cities: Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Mérida, Valencia, Maracay, Punto fijo, Puerto la Cruz, Barcelona, Cumaná, Carúpano, Maturin, Ciudad Bolivar, Puerto Ordaz

In den Anden von venezuelaClimate: tropical, temperate in the mountains, the dry season is from December to April
Geographical location: between 0 ° 38 'and 12 ° 11' north latitude and 58 ° 10 'and 73 ° 25' west longitude
Neighboring countries: Brazil 2,200 km, Colombia with 2050 km and 740 km with Guyana
Time Zone: Venezuela has requested by the current president its own time zone, which is 4.5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time
Languages: The official language is Spanish, there are more than 30 Indian languages
Economic growth: 1.5% per year
Religion: 96% of the population is Catholic, 2% Protestant (but not with European Protestants to equate) and 2% other religions
Holidays: 1.1. - New Year; 19.4. - Day of the Declaration of Independence, 1.5. - Labor Day, 24.6. - Battle of Carabobo; 5.7. - Independence Day; 24.7. - Birthday Simon Bolivar; 12.10. - Columbus Day, 25.12 - Christmas
Life expectancy: 69.8 years
Power supply: 110 V, 60 Hz frequency, American flat plug
System of units: metric, with water pipes and car parts are American measures used
Coastline: 2800 km
Most important rivers: the Orinoco, Meta, Caroní, Caura
Largest lakes: Guri reservoir, Lago de Valencia
Main islands: Margarita, La Tortuga
Highest mountain: Pico Bolívar with 5007 m
National anthem: "Gloria al bravo pueblo"
National Flag: three colors from top to bottom: yellow, blue, red, with eight stars and the shield in the left corner
National Tree: Araguaney, this is a very solid tropical wood, which is very popular among carpenters, the tree is recognizable by the yellow flowers that can be seen only twice a year
National Flower: The Orchid "Flor de Mayo" - the Mayflower (cattleya mosiae)
National Animal: Turpial (icterus icterus) - a medium-sized bird with an attractive yellow and black coloring, white spots and small blue spots around the eyes.

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