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climate VenezuelaClimate chart & rain information

The entire territory of Venezuela is climatically in the tropics

This means that the temperature is at an annual average of about 25 ° C throughout the year, and is subject to only minor fluctuations. Venezuela's capital, Caracas, has an annual average of 22 ° C with a gap of only 4 ° C. The temperature decreases with altitude, of course, and in the mountainous regions of the Andes, it can - especially at night - be very cold. At higher altitudes, even snows.

Like all tropical countries, Venezuela has only two seasons: the dry season (verano) and the rainy season (invierno). These are marked only by different rain rates, but not by temperature differences. The dry season usually lasts from December to April / May, and the rainy season from May to November, however, there are very large regional differences. Even in the dry season may occur heavy rains, and during the rainy season there are sometimes weeks without rain.

While certain regions, such as the Caribbean islands and the plains along the coast, are very dry, with only 280 mm annual average, it falls in other regions such as in the mountains of northern Venezuela, up to 1500 mm of rain a year. The Amazon region is humid the whole year, and in the Llanos, a vast plain in southwestern Venezuela, may switch from heavy floods in the rainy season to extreme drought in the dry season.

To travel to Venezuela you can choose any time of the year. Each season has its charm, but also its disadvantage.

Klimatabelle Venezuela

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