Geography from VenezuelaVenezuelean Geography & mountain ranges

Venezuela lies on the northern coast of South America, and has an area of 916,445 km ².

It is bordered on the south by Brazil, to the west of Colombia, and to the southeast by Guyana. The northern boundary is formed by the Caribbean Sea, the northeast through the Atlantic. The proportion of the Caribbean islands is 1,270 km ². The coastline is not less than 2,800 km. The highest elevation is the "Pico Bolívar" with 5007 m, the longest river is the "Río Orinoco" with 2140 km.

Venezuela is divided into 4 geographical regions: the north-west in the lowlands of Maracaibo, the Andes Mountains, which extend from the Colombian border along the Caribbean Sea to the east, the Orinoco level (Llanos) in the center, and the Guayana Highlands with the Gran Sabana in the southeast.

Flora in VenezuelaHalf the country is covered by grass and savannah, forests occupy about one fifth. Only a small part of the country (less than 4 percent) is used for agriculture.

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