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After South America was 70 million years isolated geographically got, about 3.5 million years ago, a land bridge (now Panama) from the sea, and connected to Central America. New species came from Asia over North and Central America to the continent, and mingled with the indigenous flora and fauna. Although these new types enriched the diversity in South America, there was also new competition, and some species died out during this period.

der TucanLater, as the Nordic countries have been hit by the ice age, the South American continent, and also Venezuela were spared of this event. The result was that many species survived in Venezuela, which became extinct in Asia, North America and parts of Europe during this time.

Today there are over 250 species of mammals in Venezuela, including the jaguar, the cougar, the. Capybara (Chigüire), the manatee, howler monkeys, sloths, and two species of freshwater dolphins.  The country is also home to the giant otter or water wolf, the rarest otter in the world.

The birds are represented in Venezuela with over 12,000 species, including the condor, the Hoatzin (Guacharaca), flamingo, pelican, many different species of parrots, the Macaw (Guacamayo), the toucan and a very rare type of night bird, the fat bird of Caripe (Guácharo).

Venezuelan reptiles include five different types of caiman, iguanas, rattlesnakes, boas, and the largest snake in the world, the anaconda.

The vegetation in Venezuela is as diverse as the wildlife. It extends from countless species of cacti in the deserts, to Tillandsia in the evergreen rain forests. Unique plants grow in the isolated habitats of the Tepuis, and in the Gran Sabana. Some of them are only found on a single mountain. Thousands of species of orchids bloom throughout the year, and the variety of fruits has no limits.  Some plants also have cultural significance. Each tribe has its "life plant". For example, the Warao Indians in the Orinoco delta have the “Palma de Moriche”, from which they obtain food and items for daily needs.


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