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Highlights of a Trip through Venezuela:

Cities are certainly not the most important thing on a tour through Venezuela, but Caracas, the capital city, doesn't gets away with it. The most impressive thing is surely the location of the city: at almost 1.000 m height, in a long valley of coast-mountain through the “Río Guaire”. You will have an amazing view of the National Park "El Ávila" in there.

coast in VenezuelaIf you would rather enjoy a little of Beach-life, you should go to Margarita Island, or visit the natural variants from Mochima, Cumaná, and Carúpano. Here you can relax with the Caribbean feeling, and fill up forces to explorate the rest of the country. Also from here, you can carry out daily tours in water or terrestrial activities.

The Paria- Peninsula, in the far east of Venezuela, is the ideal starting point for excursions and jungle tours. From here you can reach the small delta of Turuépano, the National Park of Mochima, or the Guácharo-Stalactite cave, in which Alfred Hitchcock recorded the sound of “The Birds”.

Leaving now the coast to the south, you will find an intact ecosystem with outstanding opportunities for wildlife observation: the Orinoco delta. Here the animal- fanatics can spend several days just by themselves.

But there is still a lot to explore: south from the Delta come the Hiking-Friends at their expense: the Gran Sabana, and the Tepuis wait for you with breathtaking views. If you are less active, use the Jeep to explore the external expanses. Also, it is found in this region a geographic superlative: the Angel Falls in Canaima, the highest waterfall on Earth. Therefore it is a must-see on any tour.

Far south of Venezuela is the “green hell” of Amazonas, made of rainforests and a maze of rivers, making it possible only to explore by boat. This is not only the habitat for many animal species, but also for many Native American tribes, such as the Baniba or the Yanomami.

Now the journey continues into the interior; the natural habitat of the "Llanos", with an intact fauna, turns out to be the best place to observe animals. Here you will probably meet the infamous caiman, or an Anaconda. Tours in this area are well developed, so that you can choose between accommodation in simple hammock camps and luxurious Hatos. Horse enthusiasts can explore the lanscapes by riding, instead of the Jeep.

Far west of the country rises up the "Cordillera de Mérida" as a part of the Andes, that let the heart of the mountain friends beat higher; climb the Pico Bolívar or the Pico Humboldt, the highest mountains in Venezuela.

Or just spend some days in Mérida, and perform the activities involving Paragliding and Rafting we offer here.

The circle closes itself, again in the west coast of the country with relaxation at the beach of the National Park of Morrocoy or the Henry- Pittier- National Park. If you are looking for something exclusive, get a ticket by airplane and fly to the Archipielago “Los Roques”, before you say farewell to the South American lifestyle.

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