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The Comarca Guna Yala, Panamá offers a Robinson feeling

very individual, experience adventures with the Kunas 

Tour to the San Blas Islands
The San Blas Islands (in spanish „Archipiélago de San Blas“) are a group of islands with 365 small islands,which are located at the caribic of Panama.

Comarca Guna Yalawailidup Cabinas

The Islands belong to the  „Comarca Guna Yala“, an autonomous area of  Kuna, which is an indigenous ethnos in Panama  who is managing the islands by their own traditional system. Guna Yala you can find along the whole caribiccoast of Panama,at the east side from the canal until the border of colombia. 

auf San Blas

We offer tours every day from/to Panama-City with 2 days and 1 night or more. But you have to know that it is not that high standard over there. Everything is very simple, the posadas are owned by local families, which are also owner of the islands.

Just a few of the posadas are having cabinas with own bathroom,we were just able to visit three islands with very simple bathrooms. At the other ones, you have to share. The meals are mostly fish and other delicious things, that offers the ocean - pure nature.

The tours starts at/to Panama City, you will be picked up/get back to your hotel.

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