roundtrip in Panamá

We are offering individual roundtrips around Panama, individual modules and combinations with Panama and Costa Rica. We help planning the trip and organize everything you need.

If you want to learn Spanish, there are great offers of Spanish- schools and a Spanish- School roundtrip. This could be either Panamá or a combined Spanish- roundtrip Panamá- Costa Rica.





San Blas, Panama RundreiseRoundtrip Panama Contrasts

A small roundtrip in Panamá

You can combine this roundtrip perfectly with a travel to Costa Rica

Our roundtrip„



 Contrasts Panama“ goes into isolated and exciting parts of Panamá,without missing the classic aims.

The tour starts and ends in Panama-City, a must-do in Panamá.

It will be exciting in the eastern part at the San Blas islands and at the halfislands at Chitre, all arround the nationalpark „Cerro Hoya“.

Day 1- 3

Panama KanalDay 1:   Arriving  in Panama City and pick up service from the airport and transport to the posada, which is very good located at the City.

Day 2: Tour to the famous canal of Panama 

You will cross the canal, the canal is also called as the 8. worldwonder. You should see the canal at the beginning,does not matter if it s the whole one , or just a part of it. This is the optimal start to travel in Panama. The tour starts at the watergate of Gamboa  and  you will see the most interesting part of the canal, through the watergate of  Pedro Miguel until the pacific ocean. 

3. Day:  This day you will use to see the City of Panama and the surroundings datailed and individually. Panama is an impressing City, where you can find historical parts and as well the absolute modern.There is also the Soberian nationalpark at the suburbs, a very protected part of the rainforest with a lot of animals. Just dreamless!

spanish school in panamaRoundtrip "learning Spanish" in Panama

Spanish is the 3. World- language!

Nearly half a billion on this earth are native Spanish- spoken. It is worth studying Spanish.
We offer Spanish- courses, starting with one- week courses. We recommend studying Spanish in different schools and different locations, so you come around in Panama, see the country and learn the language. As well it is recommended to combine Panama and Costa Rica.


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