wildlife in PanamaCoiba National Marine Parc

Gulf of Chiriqui, Centralpacific

Paradise to the west of Panama-City

The Nationalpark consists of the island Coiba, which is the largest Island in Central America and 37 other islands are located arround. These groups of islands are just 40kmtrs away from the coast of Panama and the gulf of Chiriqui.  

Since 1919 until 2004 the Island has been a penal colony for political prisoners and dangerous criminals.

Coiba Nationalpark

Coiba was named as the  „Isla del diablo“, the island of devil. At the year 2004 the government  shut the penal colony down and made the biggest maritime Nationalparc in Central America, which includes more than 2.700 km2. In 2005 the UNESCO nominated the " Coiba National Marine Parc " as a world cultural heritage. 

Coiba is well-known for the excellent diving spots and Coiba might be one of the best diving spots arround the tropical pacificcoast.
It is not easy to get there , which results that the wildlife is in quite good condition. 

If you start at Santa Catalina , it takes you arround one hour to get there by boat - it is definetly the best way to get to this stunning place.

At Coiba you can find 21 endemic bird species , as the red macaw or the crested eagle. There are a lot of fascinating routes through the rainforest. There you can observe the endemic Coiba - howler monkey and even you can find the american crocodiles there. Otherwise you will see a lot of endemic species , during diving or snorkeling.

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