managua, capital of NicaraguaManagua- revolutionary Capital

Managua, the capital of Nicaragua was founded in the 16th century and since 1858 it's the political and economic center of the country.

Located at the southwestern end of Lake Managua, it’s home to over one million Habitants and here you find the Government, the administrative center, the seat of the Archbishop, the University of Centroamerica and the Central American Court of Justice.

Managua means in Indian: "where there is a large water surface." Thus, the Managua Lake is meant but also the four lagoons that are located in the urban area.

The city was unfortunately plagued in the past. Several times Managua was hit by powerful storms and numerous earthquakes. The last disaster occurred in 1972 with a very strong earthquake, which destroyed the historic center and Thousands of people fell victim. The government decided not to rebuild the historic city. For this reason Managua has no real center and the cityscape is dominated by low houses.

The infrastructure is quite well developed, all main roads in Nicaragua are ending in the capital and the international airport is just a few minutes away, on a new built highway. From Managua all buses are leaving- to destinies in Nicaragua and the neighbor’s countries. We recommend visiting the Old Cathedral of Managua, the "Plaza de la Revolución" and the "Rubén Darío National Theater".

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