kathedrale von granada

Nicaragua: Granada colonial

The colonial city Granada south of the Lago de Nicaragua

It is the third city of Nicaragua

Granada, today is one of the most important touristic center of Nicaragua, one reason is of course the historic quarter. Many other exiting destinations are around the City. For example: The volcano “Mombacho” and the closed by “Lago de Nicaragua” and “las Isletas”- a group of around 365 islands, created by an eruption of the volcano Mombacho. With a unique biodiversity.

The most famous town landmark of Granada is the “Cathedral” constructed in the year 1529, located in the center of the city. The cathedral is one of the major buildings in whole Central America. The “la Merced-church”, situated at the main marketplace, is very nice as well.

The “Isletas de Granada” are located in the lake nearby- in Lake Nicaragua. The lake begins at the southeast- end of the city and is easy accessible from downtown. “Las Isletas” are a group of about 365 small islands scattered around Asese peninsula. The small islands were formed when the Mombacho erupted thousands of years ago and blew its cone into the lake. “Las Isletas” are overgrown and famous with bird- watchers.

A lot of the islands are privately owned and used as vacation houses. As well you will find some Hotels and shops and the fishermen offer boat tours.

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