colon in Costa RicaHow to pay in Nicaragua?

Currency of Nicaragua

The currency of Nicaragua is the Cordoba.
The actually exchange rate (June 2015) is around 27 Cordobas per USD. It’s helpful, to carry always both currency’s (USD/Cordoba) with you. Hotel, trips, taxes and entre of the national park is in USD. Supermarkets, shops, gas-stations, restaurants, etc. in Cordoba.

We recommend, paying always in the currency, whichever is given at the bill. Because you will get a bad exchange rate and it’s common, when you pay for example in the supermarket with USD, your change is in Cordoba.
Please don´t change much money at the airport, you´ll get an awful exchange rate.
The best way is: Getting the money from the ATM, you can get USD and Cordoba.
To pay with the credit card is very common. Only the banks’ of Managua changes Euro, but to a bad rate.

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