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travel by plane to Nicaragua (Managua)

Who travels with the airplane directly to Nicaragua, will arrive at the international airport “Augusto C. Sandino”, associated with the Capital Managua. The airport is 11 km away from Managua and good accessible, with the central road (Carretera norte).
Arrival: The fly from Europe is very long, around 15-30 hour, with one or two stops. In nearly every flight, you have to change the plain in the USA.

international airport Managua

Entry: The entry is a little bit complicated; you have to buy a touristic card (100 USD) and entry-tax (2 USD). Also you get a customs and immigration form. The passport has to be longer than 6 months valid. The entry with just the ID-card is not possible.
The stay for Europeans is limited on 90 days. An extension is possible in the office of immigration (“Migración”). The demands are depending on the individual case.
But it’s much more easy, to leave the country for 3 days. You need a stay, for example in Costa Rica, for 3 days and you get new resident permit for 90 days.

Custom-provision and inoculation

The importing of fresh food, like meat- sausages and milk products are forbidden. More information you will get, by the embassy in your country.
You need a valid inoculation against yellow fever, for every person older than 9 months, when you come froma a yellow fever-area. 
The inoculation has to be at least 10 days old.

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