travel to NicaraguaWhen is the best travel-time?

Nicaragua can be split in three climate zones

The Caribbean and pacific coast-areas are unbelievable hot, around 38 Celsius. In the rainforest part, of the Caribbean, you have hot temperatures, with a high air humidly. The high plateau and the mountains are less hot.

climate in nicaragua

Nicaragua has two seasons: Summer/winter or drying-/rainy season. In the rainy season it’s raining (of course), but the rain is warm, like a hot shower. The raining time is always in the afternoon, the morning is usually rain free. The river and waterfalls are rich of water, the air is fresh and everything is green.
The rainy season is a good time to travel; you just should begin the day early.

The main season of traveling through Nicaragua is November till April. This time is the high season (“temporada alta”), therefore it’s good to make your reservation early. We are happy to help you with your reservation, just contact us.

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