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Familienreise Nicaraguahow to travel with children in Nicaragua?

Traveling with family and children is always a special experience, which requested a special preparation. Nicaragua is a very exiting country, with offers for young and old.
The arrival from Europe is long and a kind of complicated, in the best case you need just 18 hour. At least one stop is implied, nearly always via USA.


It’s helpful, to be well prepared, with toys and any amusement-stuff. The entry of Nicaragua is a little bit complicated. You have to buy a “touristic- card” (10 USD) and will get a border- and customs form. The passport needs to be longer than 6 months valid. A child needs to have a passport with picture. Since 2012 it is no longer possible, to note a child in the parents passport.
Children whichever travel without the parents needs to have a notarized and translated permission by the parents. 
Depending, from with part of the world you are traveling, it’s likely to get a “jetlag”. It’s very good to sleep in the plain, if you have problems to sleep in the plain, stay calm- just a few hours sleeping are better than nothing. At the arriving-day we recommend, to stay awake, how long you can. With kids, it’s much more difficult, because they can´t control there tiredness, like the adults. When the kids need a nap, you should pay attention that the nap is not to long.


We recommend, not taking much stuff with you, because heavy luggage is disruptive. In almost every recommended accommodation, it gave a launderette service.
It’s not necessary to get crazy about bringing enough drugstore products; you´ll get everything what you need in Nicaragua.
Depending on your activities, you should bring rain cloths and closed shoes, for hiking in the jungle. Because Nicaragua is next to the equator, the sun is very strong; travelers with children’s should be well prepared with sun protection.

Typisches Essen in Costa rica


In general you should wash fruits and doesn’t drink tap water. The local food is very delicious and comprehensive, you´ll get everywhere rice, pasta and chicken.
At the beach areas, we recommend, to eat fresh fish.

Health care:

The health prevention is the same, like without kids. You should carry a medicine chest, with something against diarrhea and small wounds.

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