individual roundtrip Costa RicaCosta Rica Individual

This is our classic, authentic, custom tour through Costa Rica.

We recommend our “Individual Tour” to all those nature loving visitors, that want to connect in this way to the real highlights, white stains, authentic secret tips, with a well designed itinerary and comfort, adventure and culinary delights.

Our unique concept of individual tours has proven itself for over 20 years in Latin America.

Together with you, our customers we will create a customized program. As structure we have our long-established idividual tour. We also offer many other combination and help with suggestions and a lot of experience.


Day 1-4

Hotel Costa Rica1st Day: Arrival, Santa Ana, Central Valley (-, -, D)

Arrival at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela, and drive to our nearby hotel in Santa Ana.
With a tasteful dinner we give to you some instructions and information about the travel documents, explain peculiarities of the tour, and answer any doubt or question.

Overnight in Superior- room, Posada Nena with half board

2nd Day: Santa Ana, Central valley (B, -, D)

A lot of guetst loose the program from the first day due to falling flight conexions. So we prefer  leave the first day in Costa Rica open for a free program. You can relax in our friendly Posada or go to San José on your own. We support you with maps, informations, timetables and ideas.

Overnight in Superior- room, Posada Nena with half board

3rd Day: the nebulous Poás Volcano: (B, L, D)

The active volcano “Poás”, located in the “Parque Nacional Volcán Poás”, is, with over 330,000 visitor per year, one of the main attractions of the country.

Volcano Poas

The National Park is located approximately 1.5 hours north of the Posada. The last big eruption of the volcano was in 1953. The result was a 300 meter deep crater, which has the enormous diameter of 1.3 kilometers. There are also two secondary craters, and one of it with a blue lagoon. In 1989 and 1995 there were further small eruptions.

The attraction, the 2,704 meter high from the volcano Poás, allows, with a good weather, an amazing view into its bubbling inside. There is no guarantee, of course, but despite the fog, there is a chance to take a look at the sulfur-colored water in the huge crater with fumaroles.

The laborious ascent is eliminated, because a well-built footpath leads from the visitor center to the crater. It will be exciting when the Poas Volcano spews sulphurous mud and steaming water into the air.

From the main crater, there is a one-hour trail through the adjacent crippled woods. This bizarre forest is caused by the acidic air and coldness. You can reach the adjacent crater with the Laguna Botos, and with a little luck, you'll have a good look inside. Along this path, you'll have to keep your eyes wide open, because at this altitude, very rare birds may be observed.

Overnight in Superior- room, Posada Nena with half board

Rafting in Costa Rica4th Day: adrenaline rafting and Canopy on one day (B, L, D)

What could be more exciting? With an inflatable boat, driving on lazy river through the evergreen rain forest along the Rio Sarapiquí. Monkeys screaming in the woods, dozens of different species of birds can be observed at close range. Suddenly appears the first rapids. Fortunately, before starting there is a comprehensive introduction and safety briefing. And fortunately, the security standard on our tours is extremely high. The Rio Sarapuiqui has rapids of Class 1 - 3, is therefore a bit challenging. Children under 9 will not be taken, however, as an alternative, we can offer horseback riding. In the afternoon there is a great Canopy tour over the top of the jungle.

Overnight in Superior- room, Posada Nena with half board

Day 5-7

5 - 7th Day: Tortuguero National Park (B, L, D)

The flora and fauna from the National Park are unique in this world. Our guides have the knowledge and the experience to match people's requests.
It begins early in the morning, we drive through any kind of nature on our way to “Caño Blanco” by bus. Then we continue by boat. Depending on how many wild animals can be seen on the road, it takes a long time until we get to the lodge.

Strand am Tortuguero NationalparkOnce there, and after a welcome drink, there is a powerful lunch before the first tour starts. Frogs, butterflies and gardens are on the program. After dinner, you'll have the option to do an optional night tour.

Early in the morning, before the rich breakfast, you will enjoy a guided early tour by boat, through the Tortuguero National Park, where you can see and meet a variety of animals and plants. Particularly the bird life is very active at this time, and you get to see a lot, of more than 300 species of the National Park.


Kayak tour: after having already won a detailed knowledge of the flora and fauna, then comes a kayak tour, to look up close at things again in peace. Here you will be with a small group going upstream, so you can easily return within three hours to the lodge.

Turtles spawn:

This is only in the spawning season, from July to October, and it provides an unforgettable experience. If you go at night to the beach, you may watch one of the giant tortoises, as it lays its eggs, and digs a nest. The whole thing is strictly monitored by volunteers, so that the turtles are not disturbed during their work. Photographing and white lights are strictly prohibited, dark clothing is recommended.

Overnight in Standard- room, Mawamba Lodge with full- board

Day 7-9

National park Costa Rica7th day, Puerto viejo (B, L, -)

The lunch in the seventh day will be taken outside the Tortuguero national park, in a nice Restaurant. Here you will get your rented car.  We provide a programmed GPS, where you will find all points of interests of your trip.

It's only a short journey to the caribean coast and the nice town of Puerto viejo. Puerto viejo is well known for the caribean flair, the Reggea music and the nice, white beaches nearby. After the days of adventure and jungle you can enjoy the nightlife, with music and fresh made cocktails.

Overnight in Bungalow, Coco Loco Lodge with breakfastTour Caribean Costa Rica

8th and 9th day, Puerto viejo, Cahuita Nationalpark (B, -, -)

You stay in the comfortable Coco Loco Lodge in the town of Puerto viejo.

The nearby maritime Cahuita National Park is a colorful, easily accessible underwater world.
You can book an optional tour with snorkeling and hiking, but you can also do it on your own through the National Park. there are  gorgeous white  beaches, which invite for a bath, the coral reefs are accessible by swimming. Anyone who brings something to eat, must take care of his belongings. The monkeys from the National Park are always hungry.

Overnight in Bungalow, Coco Loco Lodge with breakfast

Day 10-13

Laguna Lagarto Lodge10th Day, Sarapiqui (B, L, -)

This days tour comes from the caribean coast until the dense rainforests from Sarapiquí. The Lodge is located close by to the river. The Day Tour is a really unknown treasure- the Lago Jalapa. While walking through the dense rainforest until getting to the lake there are several possibilities to see wild animals. Here starts the trip on a small boat over the quiet lake Jalapa. Nature pure, nobody around only a lot of rare birds and small animals. After the boot tour you'll come back to the trail in the forest and continued around 45 minutes, till you'll come to a lovely restaurant where you get a typical lunch, with fresh harvest ingredients from local farms.

Overnight in Chilamata rainforest Lodge with breakfast (distance to drive this day: 220 km, 4 h, 30)

11th National Park Braulio Carrillo (B, L, D)

In the west of Sarapiqui you’ll come, till San Miguel into the rural wilderness, close to the border of the national park Braulio Carrillo. Here is our cordially accommodation located. The Lodge is the starting point of many tours, around the close forest area. Clear waterfalls, lonely rivers are accessible by walking or horse riding. The tours are in different levels available and in the price included. Nature and a silent atmosphere is guaranteed in this insider tip.   

Overnight in Albergue el Socorro with full board (distance to drive this day: 32 km, 1 h)

12th Day: North near the border to Nicaragua (B, -, -)

After the bird watching in the early morning, you’ll continued driving into the north. The day goal, is the Laguna de Lagarto Lodge, next to the Rio San Carlos. The Lodge is located at the edge of a 500 ha big tropical rainforest, far away from any civilization. At the afternoon you’ll explore the forest with a guide from the Lodge, after that you can explore the forest any time, by your one. Over 10 km tagged trail through the jungle is existing. caiman
An amazing adventure is a canoe tour. You’ll get close to the rainforest, in one of the two Laguna. In the jungle are amazing flowers and plants findable. At the evening you can make a night-walk, where you going to see couple of caimans.

Overnight in Laguna de Lagarto Lodge (distance to drive this day: 67 km, 2 h, 40)

13th Day: Rio San Carlos- Boca Tapada (-, -, -) 

Early in the morning, we bring you to the pier, where your boats tour along the Rio San Carlos, starts. The Rio San Carlos has it source at the volcano Arenal and opens up into the Rio San Juan, the border river between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The tour will take around 4 hours and you can see many animals, in there national environmental. Caimans are soothing in the sun, next to water turtles. In the trees nearby the bank, you can see with a bit of luck, sloths and monkey families. 

Overnight in Laguna de Lagarto Lodge

Day 14-18

14th day: Boca Tapada- Arenal Volcano (-, -, -)

On this day, there is the very special destination: the Arenal Volcano. The Arenal is considered the most active volcano in Central America, and is also the youngest of Costa Rica. The Arenal is known as a layer or stratum volcano. Its perfect cone is usually surrounded by light smoke.volcano Arenal

The last major eruption of the 1670 meters high volcano Arenal, was in 1968. It destroyed the villages of Pueblo Nuevo and Tabacón, the remains can still be seen today.

The journey is from east to "La Fortuna", via Pital and "el Muelle de San Carlos", where you cross the famous river of iguanas. You should stop right here. Then continue always to the east, through the plateau, the distant Arenal always in front. "La Fortuna de San Carlos" is a very nice, small town and a beautiful place, with a direct view of the Arenal Volcano. After lunch you have time to visit the waterfalls of Fortuna. A beautiful walk through the woods leads to a unique viewpoint, fifteen minutes further up the valley you reach the 70-meter waterfall.


Overnight in Hotel las Colinas with breakfast (distance to drive this day: 90 km, 3 h)

Rio Celeste Vulcano tenorio15th. Day: Fortuna- Rio Peñas blancas (B, -, -)

: The inviolately Rio Penas blancas is fed, by many waters of the rainforest around Monteverde. The river is surrounded by lush rainforest, boiling springs and waterfalls with an altitude from 200 meters. The guided tour will start early, from “la Fortuna”. There are 3 prospects to travel on the river; with the float, the canoe or with the kayak. You navigate the boat through a fantastic dark green rainforest and you’ll become calm, like the water. Sloths, crocodiles, caimans, turtles, saurian, 3 types of monkeys and many different kinds of exotic birds. The nature is unbelievable impressive. In the middle of the jungle, you’ll come to a traditional farm, where you get a local snack.
At the afternoon you will have leisure time, to discover the national park Volcano Arenal by your own. You can make a hiking tour around the volcano, across lava flows, to a lava field. The landscape has a magical flair.

Overnight in Hotel las Colinas with breakfast

travelling Costa Rica16th Day: Fortuna- caño negro

It doesn’t exist a place on earth, where you can see so many animals in natural environment. The Caño negro is perfect, for lovers of nature. Unbelievable numbers of animal variety is waiting for you. Already the approach, from la Fortuna, to the Caño negro is absolute interesting. You’ll drive through orchards of pineapple, sugar cane, yuka and papaya. The starting point of the tour will be a restaurant at the bank of the Rio frio. After a welcome drink, the nature exploration begins. Now you will see: Caimans, monkeys, turtles, iguanas, lizards and many Birds. Every ornithologist loves the Caño negro, with his rich bird life: Cormorants, storks, stilts, ibis, shovelers and many types of egrets, are just a little selection, of what you can see in the Caño negro.

Overnight in Hotel las Colinas with breakfast

 17th Day:  Fortuna- Rincon de la vieja: Costa Rican tropical cuisine (B, -, D)

Through dirty roads, we go to the next lodge. Wild nature, waterfalls, and the direct proximity to the volcano Miravalles, and Rincon de la Vieja, make this accommodation a real experience. With a little cooking course, the secrets of Costa Rican cuisine are revealed. The freshly prepared dishes, going to make more than just appetite.

Overnight in Finca la Anita with half board

18th day: Rincón de la Vieja (B, -, D)

Now is time to explore the volcano Rincon de la Vieja, and its national park. The volcano is not only very attractive and really big, after all, it has 9 craters, and is temporarily active. Smoking chimneys, and steaming mini-craters remembers that Costa Rica is located in a geologically active region.

Overnight in Finca la Anita with half board

Day 19+

Rincon de la vieja19th day: Rincón de la vieja- Playa Samara (B, -, D)

Again a day of contrasts. After breakfast, we go out of the cold and rainy mountains, down to the blue, warm sandy beach.
Samara Beach is one of the most appropriate beaches in Costa Rica. The kilometer-long white sand beach bay is ideal for swimming, surfing (suitable for beginners), sunbathing, beach walking, and horse riding.

The hotel is located in the resort, absolutely close to the beach. It is possible to relax at the pool or beach and enjoy a massage.

Overnight at Samara Palm Lodge with breakfast

Playa Samara Costa Rica

20. + 21st day: Samara - great food, bathing and relaxing (B, -, -)

Samara has a lot to offer: horseback riding, tours to nearby nature reserves, sailing trips, waterfalls, surf lessons. You could stay forever in this paradise.
Of course it is possible to reserve for additional days.

Overnight at Samara Palm Lodge with breakfast

22nd day: Samara - Sta Ana (B, -, D)

Return to Santa Ana, assign of the rental car. At the evening, a delicious dinner in the Posada. The departure gets foreseeable.

23rd day: Santa Ana Airport - Home (B, -, -)

After breakfast we bring you, to the nearby airport.
Hasta luego Costa Rica. And we certainly hope to see you again soon.

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travel in Costa RicaService:  22 overnights in Hotels, Posadas or Jungle Lodges, 22* breakfast, 7 * lunch, 10 * dinner, Tour Volcan Poás, Tour Rafting & Canopy, 3 Tours in Tortuguero National park, Tour Lago Jalapa, 2 Tours el socorro, Tour Rio San Carlos, Tour Rio peñas blancas, Tour Caño negro, all mentioned Transfers, GPS,

Tariff for this Tour, 2039US$ por Person, not included international flight, not included rental car

  • If you're alone the cost will be a little higher, as there is a single- room charge and some Transfers are more expensiv. This Tour works really fine for single- travellers.
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